Should you be on every social media platform as a blogger?

This blog post has been on my mind for some time and I decided today is the day to blog about it. Many bloggers wonder how they could possibly manage being on all social media platforms without overworking themselves. The last time I counted, there are about 7 active social media platforms and I am happy to say I have an account on all platforms but I don’t post regularly on all of them.


Should you be on every social media platform as a blogger?

Should you be on every social media platform as a blogger? Well my answer is yes. You should be on as many social media platforms as you can manage, just so you have your online presence on these platforms. You don’t have to be active on all the social media platforms you are on. There is no way I can post regularly on all the many social networks available. The best way to go about this is to pick a few you are interested in and focus on those platforms.



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Top Social Media Platforms

At the time of writing this post, the top social media platforms are –



I have a love and hate relationship with Instagram. It is the hardest social media platform to grow because almost everyone on there plays the follow and unfollow game. I still like it and will keep using it as long as it stays active. Brands love it, so I have to keep at it. I was late to the Instagram game. I didn’t set up my account immediately and when I did set it up, I neglected it for many years. So I am currently playing catch up.

Instagram is where the money is, many bloggers with about 10,000 followers on average, get as much as £300 for a single shot or story, so if you ever plan to make money online, Instagram is the social media platform to start with. You can find me on Instagram here – Fashion and Style Police.



I love Facebook so much. It is definitely my favourite social media platform. It is a lot more relaxed than Instagram and the Facebook ads do help grow your following. I also find it more real than Instagram. People genuinely comment and like your posts on Facebook and not to get anything back in return like on Instagram. I also find that you get more regular people on Facebook.

I have been on Facebook for many years now and set up my Facebook Page, the same time in 2012 when the first blog post went live. You can find my page here – Fashion and Style Police.



Twitter is all about chit and chat and it can get a bit noisy but I like the noise. It is a good way to spend 10 minutes. I have been on Twitter for many years and I have succeeded in growing my following. Hashtags really come in handy on Twitter unlike other social media platforms.

I tweet everyday and thanks to Buffer, I can schedule tweets in advance and plan my content for the platform. I also scout for jobs for my blog and my digital marketing career. If you are after growing your net worth, Twitter is a good place to start. You can find me here – @fashionstylepol




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Pinterest is another interesting social media platform I am currently loving. I have recently started pinning a lot and I enjoy how my feed now looks and the amount of engagement and views I am getting. The views are also pouring over to my blog which is great. If  you are after a bit of blog traffic and interesting photos, then Pinterest is the platform for you.

I am late to the Pinterest game so I am slowly growing my followers but I am not that bothered about those numbers to be honest. I am more interested in the engagement and views I get because it spills over to the blog which is great. You can fine me on Pinterest here – Fashion and Style Police pins.



Snapchat is a platform I am registered on. I got an account with my name on it just incase I need it in future but I can’t remember the last time I went on it. It is not a social media platform I am interested in growing at the moment.



I sent a YouTube channel last year after many years of contemplation. There are a few short videos on my channel. I have a few more I need to edit and upload. That should be done in a few days. It is another platform I currently don’t really have the time for but I am hoping to upload maybe 2 or more videos a month. You can watch my first YouTube video here.



Linkedin is a professional social media platform and I use it for just that. So you won’t find me chatting away on there like I do on Twitter. I use it to network and find like minds. I also scout for jobs on there and follow relevant people in my industry. You can find me on – Fashion and Style Police.



As you can see, I am not active on all the social media platforms, but I have an account on all of them. I think that is the smart thing to do as you never really know which one you may be interested in and you don’t want someone else using your blog name on a social media platform. That creates a lot of confusion. So if you have not done so already, register your blog name on all social media platforms. Also, ensure you use the same photo on all of them, so it is clear you are the same person. That is a great way to distinguish your brand.


Are you on every social media platform? Which is your favourite and why? Do sound off in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and commenting, have a lovely week ahead.

Should Photoshopped ‘Beauty’ be Banned?

What does beauty mean to you?

Before I dive right into this topic, quick disclaimer. I sometimes use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit my photos. I never alter my figure or features. All I do with these photo editing tools is to improve the lightening in my photos. So I play around with the exposure, contrast, vibrance and saturation tools in Lightroom. And I mainly use Photoshop to delete names, numbers and other personal information I don’t want showing in my photos. I never use these tools to alter my body and any of my features. Having said that, I do like playing around with filters for dun, especially those on Snapchat.


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It’s getting increasingly difficult to tell what real beauty actually means. Women are getting carried away with the by-products of filters and photo editing apps that they’ve lost touch with the beauty that they already are. And by “beauty” I mean the real, unedited, no-filter kind of beauty.

You hardly see pictures on the internet or in your favourite glossy magazines that don’t go through some level of editing or the other. Editing your picture immediately after taking them has turned into second nature for many of us.


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More women have had their self-esteem bruised when they see edited pictures of other women online. They no longer see themselves worthy because of the beauty that came through a filter. It sounds ridiculous when you think of it, but it has been causing a lot of damage to women and young girls today.

More women think that they have to go under the knife, get on extreme diets and buy expensive products just to attain that perfect flawless look that they see on social media. They rather put their lives in danger than to learn to love themselves for who they really are.

Fortunately a lot of women are being more conscious of the black hole Photoshop and other photo editing apps and filters are sucking us into. Such women saw that if they didn’t speak up, more women will be in danger. Consequently, they became advocates of banning photoshopped ‘beauty’.


Recognizing the true beauty behind the filter

The idea behind photo editing apps may have been a good one – to enhance one’s beauty. But the overdependence on those apps is creating a misconception of what real beauty is.

No one is born with the perfect skin, the perfect figure or the perfect complexion. And beauty is far beyond all those. You are beautiful for simply being you. You are a true beauty and you need to embrace it. The minute you recognize that you’re more beautiful than what any filter will make you, that’s when you’ll be able regain the self-esteem you lost to the pressure that comes from viewing airbrushed or edited photos.



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So should photoshopped ‘beauty’ be banned?

I don’t believe it should be banned. I don’t think photo editing apps and filters will ever go away for good. But I think we should take these perfect photos we see on social media and on the pages of magazines with a pinch of salt. Don’t take them too seriously because 99.9% of the time, most of these photos have been seriously edited to look perfect.

Many women are being misled and now teenage girls are being affected. It’s disheartening that we are slowly losing our sense of true beauty – the one that is authentic and the one that embraces our imperfections. Instead, women are going through complex and oftentimes life threatening cosmetic procedures just to measure up with the mirage they see when they pop on a filter or have their photos airbrushed.

There’s nothing wrong with imperfection or blemishes. It shows that we are human. We need to learn to fall in love with ourselves and truly appreciate the awesome person that we are. That’s what should shine through every picture we upload. This is how you can become more self-confident and self-assured.

That’s why you need to take a stand and be you. You’re truly a beauty.


What do you think of filters and photo editing apps?


Step into the world of Hollabox

I know all about how difficult it can be to find a great restaurant that ticks all the boxes. The boxes for me being, a nice serene atmosphere, beautiful decor, good lighting, good customer service, delicious food, a variety of drinks, good music, family friendly facilities. These days, I find that we struggle to find amazing places to dine, especially when we are in big cities with so many options. It can be a bit overwhelming and tricky to separate the wheat from the chaff. Well, that’s where Hollabox comes in.


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What is Hollabox?

Hollabox is the UK’s first video discovery platform. It allows users step inside the best bars, restaurants and events in London, to see the atmosphere with their own eyes. It is a free app available on Apple App Store. I downloaded it some days ago, and I found it super handy. It has kept me very busy. I have been busy watching various video clips of restaurants and bars (just like Snapchat), and making notes of the places I want to visit when next I am in London.

London is like my second home. I visit the city quite regularly. So knowing the great places to visit beforehand, that would best suit our lifestyle makes  my life easier. I have had my fair share of horrible bars and restaurants in London, with zero customer service. So I rather avoid the rest of them, and I will now thanks to the Hollabox app.

Using this app is very easy. Once you download it, you have the option of signing in with Facebook, which I did. Once you signed in, you can browse a variety of pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, and even desserts spots, with videos to watch so you have a visual idea of what to expect.


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I think Hollabox is a fantastic idea for Londoners. The videos on the app are great visual reviews, and the captions included in the video makes it even better. So no more rude surprises, when you walk into a restaurant in London and it is nothing like what is photographed on the restaurant’s website. I bet that has happened to a good number of us. This app puts an end to all that. There is also a map view on the app, which is so useful for Ubers and getting directions to the exact location.

If you are in London, you can download the Hollabox app here and see for yourself. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.


*Collaborative post.

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