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You all know how much I love my perfumes. I have reviewed quite a number of perfumes on Fashion and Style Police, and today I have another perfume review for your reading/viewing pleasure. Say hello to Monsoon Rose Gold Eau de Parfum.



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I never knew Monsoon were into perfumes until I came across this Rose Gold perfume. I usually shy away from perfumes made by the high street shops, because they tend to be not as good as I would want, but I am happy I tried this perfume. It has changed my opinion and I can see myself using this fragrance again and again.

Here is the perfume description from the website –


Exude glamour with the Monsoon Rose Gold Eau De Parfum. Top notes of sparkling lemon, soft fruit and ozonic scents are layered with velvety rose, tuberose, neroli and cyclamen, and underpinned with base notes of Eastern woods, vanilla, mosses, musk and balsamic amber.



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  1. I love the packaging. I think the bottle is really pretty.
  2. It smells amazing, and the scent is long lasting too.
  3. I like the fact that this perfume smells great but it is not too strong.
  4. It is quite affordable with prices starting from £24 for a 30ml bottle, £29 f0r a 50ml and £35 for a 100ml bottle.



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There are no cons with this Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume. I can’t fault it in anyway. I have been using it for weeks now, and it stays on for ages, which is amazing. It is a lovely perfume and I would recommend to anyone in need of a floral long-lasting scent. Try this.

Have you used Monsoon Rose Gold? If yes, please share your thoughts on the perfume in the comments section below. If you haven’t tried this perfume, what do you think of this review?


*PR sample.


41 responses

  1. Great find. There are very few perfumes that I like so this review was really helpful and the key point for me was that it has longevity. Will look out for it in the sales

  2. Didn’t know that Monsoon have perfumes.. Will try to check it out on their store here in Qatar.. I love the packaging and the size of the bottle, as it will fit perfectly on my beauty kit.. I like the fact that the smell is long lasting, something that I usually look for a perfume..

  3. Nice! I wasn’t aware that monsoon also did fragrance. I’lldefintely have to try this because I’m always looking for long lasting fragrances!. I wonder what else they have.

  4. That’s a good and helpful review. I haven’t tried Moonsoon perfume before. I agree that the packaging looks really pretty, the color and art combination is simple yet elegant and price is friendly too. Good thing you enjoyed it.

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