Money Talk – How Would I Spend One Hundred Thousand Pounds?

Money makes the world go round and the truth is money is never really enough for anyone. No matter how much you have, there would always be a need for more. I am all about making money legitimately and making my money work for me. In the last couple of years, I have been thinking long and hard about retirement, pension and investments. Also, I have been busy thinking about what I would do if I came across a large chunk of money. How would I spend one hundred thousand pounds? This million dollar question has popped up in my head many times and I always have an answer for it.


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Here are 5 ways I would go about spending it.


Pay the mortgage

The first thing I would do is to put some money towards the mortgage, in order to reduce the outstanding amount on it as much as possible. Living mortgage free is the end goal and that should hopefully happen in a couple of years. I can’t imagine having to pay accommodation bills in my later years. That thought is quite scary.


Go on holiday

I love travelling as many of you would know by now. I love to visit as many countries as possible every year. My current target is to visit at least 2 countries every year. I have smashed that target for three years now, and I am hoping to smash it again this year. So far this year, I have visited Maryland and New York in the US, and I have plans to visit one or two more countries before the end of the year.

If I had one hundred thousand pounds at my disposal, I would be putting some money towards our holidays. There are many other cities and countries we would love to explore, and it would be great to take some other family members with us as a treat.


Pay the debt

I would pay off all my debts. So all credit cards would be paid up in full, never to be used again. When it comes to money, I am very sensible. I am more of a saver than a. spender, so I am not as deep into debt like many others I know. But paying the little debt I have would be a smart way to go financially.


Save and invest

As the saver that I am, I will be putting a huge chunk of the money into a savings account; most likely an ISA. And invest a huge chunk into stocks and shares for the future.


Home improvements

I will definitely use a percentage of the money on home improvements. There are a lot of changes I would make to our home decor if I had the money to splurge. But since I don’t have that yet, it is a waiting game.


How would you spend one hundred thousand pounds?



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  1. I would like to spend on debt first. Right now, I have a debt problem due to a increase in taxes and health insurance premiums. I earn less than I did last year but my taxes and health insurance reflect on that. I just wish I had money to pay everything.

  2. Between having the money and dreaming about it is a whole world. I could think about 10000 things to do if I had one hundred thousand pounds, but I am not sure I would do them for real. One thing for sure is a whole week of well deserved vacation.

  3. Pay off what I owe would be the first priority. It is not massive but I would like to be rid. I only owe to my bank on an overdraft and credit card however I would like to be rid of it. I don’t owe anyone else.

    Bits and pieces would be done around the house and a couple of places I would still like to go (as well as our our usual yearly holidays) would be paid for. I would put some aside for our grandchildren and treat our 4 adult youngsters.

    I would like to add on that though mine is sorted ensure you have wills and pre payment funeral plans in place. Having lost my husband unexpectedly this year I can’t emphasise this enough.

    We had both taken out policies a few years ago and thank goodness we had. It saves so much worry and aggro. No-one knows what is round the corner. Sombre I know however it has to he faced.

    So even with up front money you can pay now on today’s prices up front which ard held and there is no extra costs involved (other than add ons you want at the time such as order of service if you wish) a you can also do a monthly plan.

    Not to finish on a sombre note: I would also have a summer house in our garden

    • Paying off all debt first is the smartest way to start. Having a life insurance policy is important too. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.

  4. I mostly agree with you here! I’d pay off my student loans first, then put away a huge chunk for retirement, then go on a nice long luxury vacation with my hubby!

  5. I would pay off all debts, then set aside some money in a time deposit account. Any amount left will be used to start a business.

  6. oh yeah, I would love to spend that amount of money in to my travels and investments, or better yet buy a house, and share in charity, of course 🙂

  7. When I was younger, I used to do this — imagine if I have such and such amount of money, what would I do. For now, I do wish I have some extra so that I can complete the payments on our insurances and have no regular dues anymore. Sigh…

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