Make Your Next Career Move Your Last

If you’ve had your fair share of career moves, then we know how frustrated you are that you haven’t found the one that’s right for you at the minute. If you’re moving around with careers, you’re probably not the type of person who likes to settle for less. You’re a go getter, and someone who will only stop when their dream career has been reached. But, when you don’t have a clue what you actually want to do, finding your dream career can be nothing short of a nightmare.

That’s why we want to help you. We think that we know a few sure-fire ways that you can make your next career move your last, and finally settle down into the working life. Have a read of the tips below, and successfully find your future career.


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Finding Your Feet

Finding your feet in a career is sometimes hard to do, so first, you need to find your feet in life. You need to know what interests you, and what you really couldn’t care about when it comes to work. You shouldn’t move through careers trying to find which one suits you. The best thing to do is to try volunteering work alongside your normal career to find out what you like the best. If you know what sparks an interest in you, you know what you need to work towards!

A lot of people benefit highly from doing volunteer work. Not just because it allows them to follow a path that they enjoy, but also because they can get vital experience, and potentially ease the process of being able to find a job in that line of work. Don’t worry however if finding your feet takes you awhile. The process can be slow, but the outcome at the end of it will be more than worth it.


Getting What You Need

Getting what you need to move forward with your career is essential. If you want to make it your last move, and you want to go into a job that you truly love, it sometimes means that you’ll have to enrol onto a course to get some qualifications. A lot of adults do this, as pretty much every course you could want to take can be done online. For example, you can take a advanced msw program which is all online. This will then give you the qualification that you need to move into a career in social care.

Considering social care is such a rewarding career. And people usually have to go to university to get into that line of work, you’re getting a pretty good deal. Yes, you might have to spend some money, and dedicate some time outside of your usual working hours to do it. But, once it’s done, it’s done!


Progressing Through The Ranks

This is the final step in the process. If you’re going to move into a new career, staying at the bottom will probably see you getting a little bit bored quicker than you might think. What you need to do is find a way to progress, so that not only your pay packet gets more appealing, but the role becomes more interesting.


Is there a career you are thinking of getting into? What is stopping you?


*Collaborative post.

35 responses

  1. Great tips, as always hun. I had a great job in the uk but I was never going to move up the ranks as it was a small company. That said I loved my job and do miss it. I’ve no idea if I’ll find something to do here in Portugal I hope so once I grasp the language

  2. I love your idea of volunteering first to see if you would like a certain kind of work. It’s a lot less risky than quitting your current job to move careers and you are helping people out!

  3. So many of us had many career moves as we navigate through young adulthood. It can feel disappointing though if you’ve put so much time in somewhere honing your crafts and then make a polar opposite career move. However, we do learn many valuable traits and lessons along the way that can help us in our next future endeavors.

  4. I have so much joy doing my full time nursing joy, which is my true passion and calling. I love blogging which I do more as my hobby.

  5. I think if I’ve learned anything from past jobs, it’s that I’m super independent. I think in the long run I just want to work for myself.

  6. It is hard, I have had four jobs and all very different, they change as to what is good for the family, whereas Hubby as more of a defined career

  7. That’s a nice post to help people think about their careers and reflect what they would like to choose. Many a times have seen people go with the flow, not really asking themselves what is it that they would like to do which may lead to unhappiness.

  8. Well, right now, I am pretty fine with being a blogger. It provides for some of my family’s needs and gives me creative freedom as well. 😀

  9. This is awesome – its important to remember that the first career path is highly unlikely to be the final one! Perspective is really key in honing in on what is right for you and your passions. Thanks for the post 🙂

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