My Natural Hair Update

I have been rocking my natural hair for some years now and I am loving it. It took some time to fully transition from my chemical damaged hair to my natural hair now. I didn’t go down the big chop route  and that is partly why it took forever to transition. But I am happy with how my hair is currently looking. There was some hair breakage earlier in the year, thanks to a crotchet braids hairstyle I had on that wasn’t right for my hair. But it is slowly growing back to how it was prior to that and I am hoping to see a significant hair growth before the end of the year. I have so many hairstyles I need to try. I just need my hair to grow some more.

My greatest hair muse is my beautiful daughter. Her hair is hair goals for me. She was born with amazing hair and I have found it very easy to nurture and maintain for her. Her hair reminds me of how my hair was when I was her age. It was natural, soft, long and chemical free. Her hair is one of the reasons why I decided to be free from all hair chemicals and damaging hair weaves. I have never seen any hair so beautiful. This photo does not do her hair justice.


Natural hair image


If I could go back in time, I would take better care of my hair. But since I can’t, I have to ensure I right my hair wrongs. So far, it has been a journey I would never forget. It just confirms the saying that whatever you nurture grows and stays healthy.

My hair routine is very simple. I don’t do much with it or to it. I usually have my hair in cornrows and I wear wigs. Sometimes I have my hair braided in big weaves or crotchet braids, which I have now stopped doing because crotchet braids damaged my hair. I think the big fat needles used put too much pressure on the hair. So although it is a quick way to have your hair done, it is not the best for my hair type. For now, I am sticking to simple corn rows style. They suit me and mine. And that is what I have on at the moment.



Afro hair image

Natural cornrows image Hair style natural hair image


When it comes to hair products, I use a couple of Cantu products. I also use SheaMoisture products. And you can click on the links to read my reviews on the hair products.

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  1. It looks fantastic either way but Mrs. Franklin said it best about feeling like a natural woman. I’ve not been brave enough to go that route as I’m a curly haired brunette with a smidge too much gray sprinkled in, posing as a blonde. My hair is in terrible condition due to the every four week bleaching. At least the every six month keratin treatment to straighten further than the daily damage I do with the 450 degree straightener. I can literally smell burned hair and if it’s still a tiny bit damp, hear it sizzle. I wish that I could borrow a bit of your strength and determination and just go for it. I can assure you my transitioning would look a LOT worse than yours!! Best wishes beautiful lady!!

  2. Your hair looks good. I have to admit I love my natural hair at times it can be a pain in the butt. My two girls 19 and 10 years old have natural hair. I refuse to let them put and chemical products in their hair. I learned if you manages your own hair it can be a beautiful work of art. We have very thick hair I rather thick then straight hair with breakage. We need to embrace what we have before its all gone.👐👐👐 #TeamNatural #TeamNatural

    • I agree. We need to embrace our hair before now that we have it. A lot of work but worth it in the end. Thanks for stopping by 😊

  3. You have beautiful hair! I’ve been struggling to find the right product for my hair. I wash it every day and use shampoo and conditioner. I think my products are too harsh that’s why it’s causing much breakage on my hair foliage.

  4. Your hair is beautiful. I have to agree with you, if I could turn back time, I would avoid any chemical damage to my hair. My hair is quite dry now and I am still searching for a good hair care product

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    • I feel so free rocking them. I love the fact that the breeze hits my scalp 😂
      Just decide on what works best for you and your hair and go with it.

  6. Taking care of hair and skin is very important but because of my busy schedule I’m not able to do so. 🙁 I’ll try do maintain my hair now it’s very important. Thanks for sharing this article… 🙂 Your daughter is adorable.. <3

  7. She’s a cutie. It’s nice that you’re working on keeping your hair damage-free. I have a lot of processing damage done to mine that I”m trying to repair as well.

  8. Your daughter’s hair is lovely – healthy growing hair! I myself experienced hair breakage and may need to give crochet a break soon however i also found trimming my hair and treating my hair regularly helps with my hair growth. I use Creme of Nature hair products however Sheamoisture, Cantu and ORS are good brands.

  9. Natural hair is so lovely! I would love to see it more, though – it’s hard to see it through the filters. Rock it, girl! 🙂

  10. My hair is natural also it’s been natural for about 7 years now. At first it was so hard to manage because it’s curly af and I wasn’t use to my hair being this long and full (it always broke off when it got to a certain length) but I enjoy seeing other naturals and hearing stories of how they maintain it. Thank You for this ❤

  11. Same! Me and my hair have a rocky relationship. I’ve done wrong by my hair for the last couple of months, but I’m going to redeem it with protective styles this year.

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