Fashion Trends You Should Look Out For in 2019

We’re about to step into a new year and as always, the New Year ushers in new fashion trends. Since we’re about to wind down 2018, it is always good to be prepared well ahead to welcome the new fashion and style trends.

2019 promises to be a very interesting year with a lot of interesting pieces. You may have seen some of the fashion items in this list. However, by the time we enter into the New Year these pieces will very popular.


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So you won’t be far behind in the upcoming trends, I put together a list of fashion trends you’ll see in 2019. Here are fashion trends you should look out for 2019.


  1. Eco-friendly outfits

There has been a lot of news about eco-friendly fashion. So it’s not much of a surprise that eco-friendly fashion will be a leading trend in 2019. As more people are moving towards being very conscious of the environment, more people will be stocking eco-friendly pieces in their wardrobe.

Eco-friendly outfits are outfits made of materials that are biodegradable. They cause less havoc to the environment. Oftentimes, these eco-friendly materials are produced by ethical brands who have the interest of the environment at heart.

As more people are becoming more conscious of the environment, we’re definitely going to see more people wearing eco-friendly pieces.


  1. Silk and satin tops

2019 will witness the comeback of silk and satin tops. Although they were quite popular in the year 2000, there has been a recent interest in those pieces. You may have seen silk and satin tops show up in some stores and even seen some people wearing them. But expect more of these next year as their popularity is bound to increase.

Silk and satin tops are usually sold in form of camisoles making it a great piece to layer with your jeans for a casual look or trousers for a more corporate look.


  1. Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts have been known to be versatile pieces. 2019 seems like it will be a year of variety in the fashion scene. Pleated skirts have the ability to help you achieve comfort and still be chic at the same time.

In 2019 we will see a lot of pleated skirts of all shapes and sizes. So whether you choose to rock a maxi pleated skirt or a mini pleated skirt, just know that you’ll be covered with this versatile piece throughout 2019.


  1. Sequin jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have been a favourite in the fashion industry. In 2019 jumpsuits will be a trend but with a little twist. It appears that more people will want to add some glitter to their wardrobe with sequin jumpsuits.

Sparkly sequin jumpsuits are fun and stylish. They are definitely the “it” pieces for parties and other festive events. Of course as the season demands, there will be more practical variations that you can wear on more casual occasions. But if you’re one who’s into having fun, then this is the fashion trend you should look out for.


What do you think of these fashion trends for 2019? Are you looking forward to styling them? Please sound off in the comments section.

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37 responses

  1. I love eco friendly and will look forward to seeing those in the shops. It needs to become part of the norm. We cannot continue as we are in the world. We all need to do more and more. We need to be conscious of what we are buying and how we dispose of things etc

    Jumpsuits are fab but not for me as I am a shortie at 5:4. I do think you need to have some height to wear them and look good. Silk is lovely so I will enjoy the cami top.

    I love the orange dress you are wearing in the first picture

    • I am looking forward to seeing these trends in the shops next year. I love walking around the shops and taking in all the new styles and trends, even if I don’t buy any. Thanks Carol.

  2. I am all in for the silk&satin shirts they are super comfy to be and are my go to when I’m also wearing blazers. I am not sure if I’m excited about the sequin jumpsuit mostly because I am not I can pull it off haha!

  3. I caved and bought 2 jumpsuits this summer…but with sequins? I’ll stick to minor sequin jewellery. I have a pleated plaid skirt that can be worn in all seasons and I do love silk and satin camisoles, especially in black.

  4. The first picture reminded me of of a Netflix series, ‘orange is the new black’. However I love all your trend ideas of 2019 and I believe 2019 itself will bring some new trends but till then I love your choice. Extremely awesome..

  5. This is what I have been looking forward. Very timely and I still have no clue on what to expect for 2019. I am excited for eco-friendly outfits and no more animal skin or furs.

    Thank you for keeping us updated!

  6. I always enjoy looking at the new styles and following the trends but I also always find that I can’t pull them off until they are watered down so much that they fit in with my usual “comfy” aesthetic! 🙂

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