5 Benefits to Staging Your Home When It Is For Sale

Home staging can be such a pricey affair. However, the potential benefits outweigh the limitations. If you are on the fence about this strategy, then have a look at these top five benefits of staging your home when it is for sale:


1) Helps Homes Sell Faster

Apart from the potentially high offers, home staging also tends to sell homes faster. You will get your money fast, relieving you from the extra expenses on mortgage and other utility payments attached to the home.

One of the most interesting things about staging a home is that it enables the potential buyers to visualize the home better. Instead of them focusing on minor issues, they will be already imagining themselves living there and enjoying all the elements that come with the asset. Seeking the services of a professional stager like GetListedRealty can help create a professional and more appealing touch to the house, eliciting those positive emotions on the buyer’s side.


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2) Hire Offers

Your main aim when staging your home is to drive people to develop an interest in it. Well, if many people are interested in buying your home then what does it mean? It simply creates an implication that there are high chances of a bidding war occurring.

If one buyer loves your home, then he or she is likely to do anything it takes to have it, even if it means offering more than your asking price. The relationship between staging and the final selling price may not be quite clear, but the reality is that staged homes often create more buyer interest and this can easily bring higher offers.


3) Makes your Home Stand Out

Many potential homebuyers begin by doing an online search. This implies that their first impression is based on the posted pictures. What would happen if the buyers end up not being impressed by the pictures? Is there any chance of coming along to see it in person? Well, you can guess the outcome. Additionally, staging can also make your home standout just in case there is more than one home for sale in your neighborhood.


4) Maximizes the Space

Professional stagers truly understand how to get the best out of any room. Staging can be your best bet if your home is bit small. In such a case, staging will be instrumental in ensuring that the potential buyers see the openness of your home rather than fixating on the limited square footage.

In a nutshell, staging will eliminate any guesswork from the buyer by giving every room a clear purpose. When the buyers are able to see the space used easily, then they are likely to overlook strange layouts or small floor plans.


5) Increases the Value of your Home

Perhaps home staging does not increase the actual value of your home, but it does increase its perceived value. Staging your home gives you the perfect opportunity to show your home in the best manner possible. Any potential buyer can easily see the maximum potential of your house which only adds to their perceived value at the time thanks to home staging.


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34 responses

  1. It’s a very important of buying and selling now. It didn’t used to be as important back when I bought my first time in the 80s. It was staged more by the high end upmarket home owners.

    Though a neat and tidy clean home has always been important. It still is. As you say you don’t need to spend a fortune. Plenty of free information online to beable to do it on a budget and with limited money if needs be.

    It is as easy as minimizing, toys etc away, fresh flowers home baking fresh bread are all good to give the homely feel

  2. Great advice here and I totally agree. It’s important that your house looks the best it can be the you’re on the market. We made sure it looked as stylish, but still homely, as possible.

  3. Such a great list of advice and tips especially to those selling their house. I’m totally agree with everything you’ve pointed out here. This will definitely be a great boost for our house market value and selling status.

  4. Staging is important! I feel like I can go through any home and picture it in a neutral way, but so many people can’t. Staging helps!

  5. I actually never sell my houses, recently I shifted from my condo to my late grandfathers house and next month I am moving to a new state so it will taken care of by the caretakers and I always put security cameras in all the rooms, first in my condo now at my house but if I ever have to sell it I will follow these steps. I am saving it.

  6. I think that in today’s market home staging is extremely important. There is a lot of inventory where I live and the homes that sell fast and for top dollar are usually staged to stand out.

  7. In a sellers market, a well staged home goes quickly. In tougher market conditions it might give only a slight edge. Still a good idea for making a home look its best.

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