What to Wear When You Work From Home

What do you wear when you work from home? This is one question many self-employed/freelancers ask themselves over and over again. As many of you already know, I work from home and have done so for the past 5 years. Working home alone means I get to wear what I like, when I like. I could decide to work in my nightwear all day if I choose to, or I could work from the comfort of my bed in my loungewear. The fashion choice is mine and I love that about my job. It is liberating.


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I like to get out of my sleepwear everyday, even though I work from home. The Kiddies started primary school last September, so the school run is now a morning and afternoon routine. I love it because it gets me out of the house everyday, and I like to be presentable when I step out of the house. Which is why I always take a morning shower and get dressed every morning. I like to be dressed and ready for work by 9:30am almost everyday.


Here are 2 things I have in mind when I am picking out what to wear when working from home –



The first thing I have in mind when it comes to styling my working from home outfit is comfort. You will easily find me wearing a pair of leggings or joggers depending on the weather. I like causal comfy tops as well, and dresses are my preferred option in the summer months. Comfy clothing allow me move around freely and stylishly.



Many people are too lazy to get out of their sleepwear. Others love the feel of their pyjamas on their skin, and live in them. I get why many find their pyjamas so comfy, they sleep and work in them. I find mine comfy too! Which is why I like go for pieces with material that feels as comfortable as my sleepwear. You usually won’t catch me wearing lace or any complicated/overly dressy material.


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Do you work from home? What do you wear?



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  1. Ì do some from home. I’m a Loungewear/pjs girl. It’s comfy. Mind you I shower in the morning any put clean loungeweaf/pjs on everyday whether or not I am going out. Ì dress before i go out ofcourse.

    If I have someone coming round it depends on who it is as to whether I change into everyday clothing.

    Ì am like you. In or out I like comfort and the same goes for nights out too.

  2. I like to stay comfortable when I work from home. But there is something about getting dressed that gets my mind going and in work mode.

  3. I used to work from home 2 years ago. I am not a pjs all day kind of person generally, so I would get up take a shower wear something casually comfortable, do the school run and come back home to work. The shower and change of outfit woke me up and made me feel fresh to get working.

  4. It depends on the time of the day. If I come home early from work, I just wear my normal clothes (I am allowed to wear jeans or nice pants to work as I am a teacher). But, if it is late, I take a shower/bath andf then jump into jammies.

  5. For me, even when I am blogging and not doing my 9 to 5, I have to make sure I get myself a shower if I am going to feel like my day has really begun. Showering and changing are the true signal the new day has started.

  6. I currently work from home and even though I want to dress up and have the illusion of my “office hours” i simply find myself wrapped in my coziest pj’s every day ughhh.

  7. this is a great topic for me, as a freelancer who often works from home. Especially when I don’t travel every day I must figure out what to wear to be as comfortable as possibile but not “shabby”. No pajama, first of all. I don’t even sleep with a pajama but with sweater and leggings. Then, it mainly depends on the season.

    • Glad you like the topic Sabrina. The responses have been interesting. Good to know what others wear when working from home.

  8. Those are some really cute pjs. I work from home, but I try to dress up at least twice a week because dressing up motivates me and helps me take my work from home jobs more serious.

  9. You know I often wonder, what do you wear if you’re at home and working online? For those of us who would want to build trust or place your prospect in a comfortable position doing business with you it would be nice to dress up for the occasion.

    If you do webinars, do video chats with clients on skype, messenger, twilio or whatsapp it would be a great idea to look the part of the business man or woman…

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