Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories Plus a Giveaway

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Reading bedtime stories to children is really important. My children love reading, they read everyday. Believe it or not, the first thing they do when they wake up is to grab a book from their bookshelves to read. I know they are awake in the morning when I hear them reading their favourite books. So reading comes naturally to my kids. They enjoy reading various books and I enjoy reading to them. The importance of reading can never be overemphasised, and I am glad to see the twins have inherited my love for reading. I enjoy reading bedtime stories to my kids. It is one of my favourite parts of the day and I cherish our bonding time.


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Ditch the tech and read actual books

I read to the kiddies every night. Bedtime stories are very important, and I make sure we never miss this family bonding time. Even when we are away on holiday, I make sure to take a couple of books with us for bedtime reading. The benefits of reading bedtime stories are numerous, which is why it is so important to read a bedtime story everyday. Reading actual books is the right way to do this. The kiddies have their tablets and Leapfrogs with eBooks but when it comes to everyday reading and bedtime stories, we make sure to read a book and ditch the tech.


The benefits of reading bedtime stories and Pyjamarama campaign

Francesca Simon, a bestselling author, comments on how important it is to read books to our children : “Reading a bedtime story together is one of the best experiences a child and parent can share, and something tech cannot replace. The many evenings I spent immersed in books with my son, Joshua, until he was 11, not only inspired me to become a children’s author, but are also some of our best shared memories and gave my son the confidence, curiosity and thirst for learning that has set him up for life”.

Just ten minutes of reading a book together a day makes such a massive difference in the lives of the little ones. It helps build children’s language and understanding, imagination, spelling, resilience and confidence. It is also a great way for a family to bond. Which is why I am working with BookTrust to raise awareness about the joy of the bedtime story by celebrating Pyjamarama, a nationwide fundraising campaign by BookTrust on 7th June. Brits are asked to donate £1 to wear their pyjamas all day on Friday 7th June. Money raised will go towards helping BookTrust ensure that every child experiences the amazing benefits of access to books and reading.


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What your donation can do
  • £25 could provide 15 pre-school children living in women’s refuge centres with their own bookpack
  • £50 could provide 6 families from deprived communities with additional support through theirchildren’s centre to develop a reading habit
  • £100 could help us work with a struggling secondary school to support teenagers re-engage with reading
  • £1,000 could enable us to support 740 children with a disability that impacts motor skills, providing them with specially created touch and feel books, finger puppets and guidance for parents


Giveaway Details

Now for the giveaway information, BookTrust has offered to gift a reader a Ben and Holly 5 Figure Pack & Little Library.



Reading bedtime stories image


reading bedtime stories image



To take part in this giveaway, you need to do the following –

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The giveaway will run for 2 weeks. It ends 6 June at 10pm. The winner will be contacted via Twitter so please ensure you leave your Twitter name. It is open to UK residents only.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the day.


31 responses

  1. Reading is so important, it helps expands a child’s vocabulary, allows them use their imagination when they are reading and helps them interact when they read with others. Linda Ford @finale123

  2. Reading helps the imagination grow – possibilities are Endless with reading
    Great way to spend one to one time together too

  3. I love reading to my children and have done every night since they were born. It’s really important to instill a love of reading into them from a young age. It encourages them to learn and also use their imaginations!!!

  4. Its so kmportant for early literacy & builds on the nond between parent & child
    Twitter @Top_cat81
    Youtube Katie winner

  5. Reading with children is so important as it develops their imagination, gives them a greater vocabulary and enables them to express themself confidently.

  6. @fadinha28 (Twitter) Reading is what open the door to a adult who can think, who are responsible for his actions. Reading is the way to kill ignorance and to create a better world.

  7. I read with each of my 3 children everyday and every parents evening I’m always told they can tell because of how broad their imaginations are


    YouTube – kay Leigh

  8. My 2 year old loves story time, she loves seeing all the picture and hearing all my different voices.
    twitter @krystal11000307

  9. Reading is a huge part of extending children’s vocabulary and helps with being imaginative and drawing from experiences that they have read about as well as their own.

  10. Reading to children is great for their education but for me, it is a special time that me and my little girl get to share together. We often giggle or do silly voices. I love those moments and I know she does too.


  11. I love reading to my children they can learn so much from books and it’s such a special thing to share with your child @laurajstone

  12. Reading with children is good for them, when there is no other distractions, they listen and learn and ask questions, when reading to our little one, we often laugh and enjoy our time together @tobyjoshlucy

  13. It’s important because it’s part of their development and is a great bonding experience with your child. @AdrianEBold

  14. I love reading to my two and engaging their imaginations. There’s so much force fed and negative stimuli out there I like them to know how to escape into themselves. I remember how proud I was when my Talulah began taking over and taking the book off me to read for herself. Hearing her little voice pipe up full of expression and wonder made my heart melt. @Bubblyboobumbob

  15. Reading is very important to us and our daughter. It encourages to enjoy books and to learn to read. It also really helps spur on her imagination. It is also a great bonding method to snuggle up with a book together just before bed.

  16. It teaches children how to properly pronounce words and sentences, aids their imagination, can settle them, and helps children to trust and bond with adults. @nataliegillham

  17. It helps their vocabulary, literacy, and helps develop an understanding of the world around them

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