Win Makeup Revolution Shimmers and Matte Nudes Ultra 32 Eyeshadows Flawless Palette

Hey Beauty Lovers! I have another giveaway for you! This time, I am giving away Makeup Revolution Shimmers and Matte Nudes Ultra 32 Eyeshadows Flawless Palette. It is a lovely eyeshadow palette with 32 different shades with a good mix of shimmer and matte wearable and experimental shades to create many different looks!


Giveaway Prize image


I love this palette so much. It is so handy to have in the makeup bag. The fact that it has 32 nude and natural day and night shades means it is a great multitasking product, which is what I like. I like making the most of everything I have, so having a palette with a whole 32 shades for various looks is amazing. The large sized mirror included in the palette is also an extra plus, because it means you don’t have to dig for another mirror to apply your eye makeup. I shared tips on how to apply your eye makeup yesterday, so do catch up on that blog post to learn them.

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Giveaway Rules

The giveaway rules are simple as always –

  1. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and engage with some videos by liking and commenting. The choice of video is yours!
  2. RT this post so more people join in the giveaway.
  3. Follow Fashion and Style Police on Twitter if you haven’t done so already!
  4. Leave a comment telling me how you like your eyeshadow to look. Do you go for subtle, neutral eye makeup, or do you prefer a more dramatic look! Please remember to include your Twitter name in your comment, so I know how to find you!


This Makeup Revolution Shimmers and Matte Palette giveaway will run for 2 weeks! It ends 24th July at 11pm. I will contact the winner on Twitter within 24 hours of the giveaway ending. The winner will have 48 hours to get back in touch and claim the prize. This giveaway is open to 18 years and over UK residents only.

Good luck everyone!



34 responses

  1. I like my shadow to blend so love using different colours. I love shading. I like it with a bit of a pop too. I tend to go for more natural tones now I am older. This set is perfect.

    I have retweeted and commented. I am subscribed to your you tube channel and have liked the brush cleaning set. I have this myself and I agree it is fab. It unfortunately isn’t showing anywher to comment on any of your streams.

    I am on my mobile. I will go on the laptop and see if I can comment through that instead. I will let you know if it isnt showing to comment on there either.

    My twitter handle is @kefkat12

  2. I love a smokey eye. i’ve stuck with the same eye look for years now which is literally just black kohn liner and liquid eyeliner on the lids. I have recently started to be more brave with eyeshadows and surprised myself. I am now obsessed haha! Thanks do much for the chance to win thi8s awesome prize 😀 my twitter is @poppymillcrafts , youtube Laura Wheatley , instagram @yorkmumdiary

  3. Neutral SUBTLE during the day – bold vibrant for nights out
    That’s a beautiful pallette

    @margare42282639 twitter

  4. I am loving this palette! These are the colours I normally go for. sometimes when I go out I will wear a smoky eye, dark grey with a bit of pink. following on youtube and twitter as serenityyou

  5. I would love this for my daughter. She loves Makeup Revolution and goes for a dramatic look most of the time with eye makeup

  6. Would like this for my daughter. She loves Makeup Revolution and mostly goes for a dramatic look on her eyes @capodemonte

  7. I like to use purples alot as they accentuate my green eyes and I like to finish the look by defining my eyes with a dark blue or black liner. @twiddle.dee

  8. On a day to day basis I like a more natural look but for a special occasion I tend to do something a bit more colourful!

  9. I love the smokey eye look, I have blue eyes so all the browns bring my eye colour out, I love black eyeliner, always have so always include it in my look…on a very, very rare night out 🙂
    Twitter @fdrinkell

  10. I like a fairly smoky look to my eyes, although I suspect I need to be bolder than I am with the application of the eye colours @MerylTh58711232

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