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September is simply around the corner, so it’s back to school again for most students. But, more than school in itself, what students might look forward to more, is the wide range of experiences they get from the different extra-curricular events in school.

One highly anticipated event in the United States around this time is the Homecoming. A tradition where alumni return to their schools to reconnect with their alma maters, the Homecoming activities usually revolve around a sports game (i.e., football, etc.) culminating in what is popularly known as the Homecoming Dance. But, while the dance is considered the main event by most, it is by no means the only worthwhile activity of Homecoming. Indeed, the celebration comprises a slew of fun-filled activities packed into a week-long celebration.

Here we look at the different Homecoming activities and what to wear to these events.

Pep Rallies / Tailgate Parties / The Game

Pep rallies are held to cheer the school team to victory. Participated in by marching bands and cheerleaders, these rallies are attended by the students and teachers and are held days before the actual game. A tailgate party, meanwhile, is held in the school or stadium parking lots right before or after the sports game. Food and drinks are served near or at the back end of parked vehicles, such as pickup trucks and SUVs.

What To Wear 

Show up wearing the school colors. Try to stick to the dress code if there is one. It can range from a simple same-color scheme, Hawaiian theme, glow theme, etc. The idea is to infuse the event with the school spirit to show support and pride for the team.

Homecoming Parade

The parade is a procession of alumni, faculty, students, and local community members walking, dancing, or riding on cars and floats along a designated route. Various school organizations and clubs also participate with the marching band, the sports teams, and cheerleaders. In addition, school and community spectators are welcome to watch along the sidewalks.

What To Wear 

If you’re part of the parade, chances are there is a uniform or dress code you need to follow. If you are a spectator, then come as you are. Wear something you feel comfortable standing around or sitting in. Jeans, school sweatsuits, shorts, and trainers are the norm. Jazz up your attire with a cute skirt, a dressy blouse or top, and boots. If the weather is a bit nippy, don’t forget to don a warm jacket.

Homecoming Dance

The highlight of Homecoming is undoubtedly the Homecoming Dance, which is why it is almost always featured in American teen movies. Unlike the prom, where only juniors and seniors attend, the Homecoming Dance is more inclusive. First-year students can go to the event, and it’s also a more casual affair, as the dance is usually held in the school gym. So get decked out in a dress and dance to your heart’s content, with or without a date!

What To Wear 

Be sure not to wear a long formal gown or a dress that is too short. A cocktail dress in just the right length hugging your curves will give just the right oomph and make heads turn in your direction. So start prepping now and thumb through the latest catalog or have a look at a website of 2022 homecoming dresses.

So what are you waiting for? Show up, take part, dress up, and have fun! Homecoming is one memorable event you will look back on with a smile and a lightness in your heart.



5 Reasons To Start Wearing Custom Jewellery

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Whether you’re looking for a memorable gift idea or just want to treat yourself, you’ve probably put jewellery at the top of your wishlist. As you know, jewellery is available in various formats, styles, colours and shapes.

These days, you can walk into a jewellery store, pick something you like, and have it sized to your specifications. The trouble with that approach is you end up with jewellery that other people will also wear.

If you want to choose something more unique, either for someone special in your life or yourself, you need to look at custom jewellery. Take a look at the following five reasons to opt for unique, custom jewellery instead of off-the-shelf examples:

1. You Want Something Unique

Firstly, one of the most significant reasons for getting custom jewellery is that it’s unique. What you don’t want to do is buy some jewellery, either for yourself or someone else, and see a copy of your prized possession being adorned on a total stranger!

Unique jewellery means you’ve had a custom, one-off piece made to your design specifications. There won’t be anyone else wearing what you’ve got, assuming your design isn’t a copy of something else, of course!

2. You Want A High-Quality Product

You may have read some Helzberg diamond reviews online and decided you’d like to have a ring made from such diamonds. As you can appreciate, a ring using high-end diamonds would need to be flawless in virtually every way.

Another advantage of having jewellery custom-made for you is that you can choose a designer-maker that provides a high-end service. These people might charge a premium for their work, but it’s fully justified when you see the end result of their creations!

3. You Want Affordable Jewellery

You might think that custom-made jewellery will cost an absolute fortune, judging by the previous few paragraphs you’ve read. However, such unique jewellery doesn’t have to break the bank.

For example, you could commission a jeweller to create a lovely set of earrings for the lady in your life or some shirt cufflinks for the gentleman in your life. Custom-designed and made jewellery doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

4. You Want Each Item To Have Sentimental Value

Don’t you want to have some bespoke jewellery, such as high quality custom rings melbourne (or shipped elsewhere best for you) that will last a lifetime and hold sentimental value? Perhaps you’d like to gift one to your lover, or a close family member that will cherish your gift for years and decades to come?

Unique, custom-made jewellery can hold sentimental value. For example, you might have a necklace that can pass down to future generations.

5. Custom Jewellery Incorporates Personal Style

Lastly, when you play an instrumental role in designing the jewellery you wear, you can incorporate certain style elements into your designs. For example, if you are a nature lover, you could have a silver necklace made with inspiring leaf patterns to promote that fact!

The beauty of custom-made jewellery is that you’re in charge of the design aspect and can incorporate almost anything into your designs based on your fashion style and interests.

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