How to Dress Warm without a Coat

This post is all about how to dress warm without a coat. I find styling to keep warm for the cold weather sometimes tricky. It can be difficult to combine warm pieces to keep warm and looks stylish at the same time. And sometimes, the coat seems to cover all the hard work spent styling the outfit.

Although I always love a challenge when it comes to styling clothes, it’s normal to face some hitches here and there. Over the years, after experiencing a good number of extremely cold winters, I have been able to perfect the art of styling for the cold.



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You may think it’s impossible to look amazing and still be warm without putting a coat on but today I’m going to share with you a couple of my hacks that will help you look stylish in the cold without wearing a coat.


The chunky sweater

Chunky sweaters are really cute and are now the favourite in the world of fashion this season. What’s great about them is that they not only make you look trendy, but they’re also warm enough to wear outside without putting a coat on. That’s a double win.

To help flatter your figure and balance out the proportions of your outfit, wear the chunky sweater over skinny jeans. This will help balance out the chucky nature of your sweater.


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The oversized cardigan

This is one of my favourites. It’s warm and in vogue as well. There’s something about the oversized cardigan that gives it a lot of charm to your outfit during the cold winter days.

Just like the chucky sweater, you get the best out of styling with the cardigan when you keep balance in mind. Since the cardigan is big, you should style it with something that will flatter your shape. Wear a top that is fitting and you can use a nice pair of skinny trousers to complete the look.


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The sweatshirt

Another clothing item that guarantees warmth and style is the sweatshirt. You can’t never go wrong with a mid-thigh length sweatshirt during the cold. Sweatshirts are thick and they are sure to keep you warm when you go outside and you don’t have to worry about compromising style.

Aside from styling it with something that will maintain the concept of balance like a pair of jeans or tights, you can take it further by layering your sweatshirt over with a long lose fitting collared shirt. Allow the collars of the shirt fold over the neck of the sweatshirt. You can play around with colours of the shirt to add some contrast to your outfit.



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A little reminder…

As effective as the pieces I mentioned are to keep you warm during the cold, I felt that it would be important to mention that you should make sure that you wear something warm inside as well. Get an inner shirt or blouse you can wear underneath to help keep you warmer.

You can also try wrapping a scarf around your neck to keep you warm. The good news is that scarves never go out of style.

Make sure you wear a pair of long stockings under your trousers or jeans to keep your legs warm too.


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What do you think of these tips?

Basic Knitwear Essentials

As we say goodbye to summer and usher in the autumn/winter season, we also need to ensure we have our basic knitwear essentials at the ready. The new season collection has arrived in most stores, so this is the perfect time to have a good look at your wardrobe to see what you need to shop for and what you need to get rid of.

Here are 3 pieces you should have in your wardrobe this autumn/winter:


A Cashmere Jumper

Cashmere Women's Jumper

We all know cashmere is an expensive fabric but every wardrobe should have at least 1 100% cashmere piece. A cashmere sweater/jumper is worth every penny in my eyes. Having a few in various designs and colours is a smart wardrobe investment decision. Dunedin Cashmere have some amazing womens jumpers in various colours. This red beauty above is one of them, and it is currently on sale for £63 (was previously £90). Why spend so much on a cashmere jumper when you can get cheaper alternatives I hear you ask? Well, a cashmere jumper will hold retain its shape, feel amazing on the skin – it is super soft, and it will never go out of style. Having a few cashmere jumpers is definitely a worthwhile investment.

A Long Sleeve Jersey Top

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A long sleeve jersey top is a wardrobe essential for all seasons especially the autumn/winter season. It is a multi-tasking piece, very versatile and very easy to style. It can be worn on trousers, skirts, jeans or shorts. In an ideal situation, you should have a few of long sleeve tops in your closet. This Jane Norman piece above is an ideal choice, and it is currently on sale for £10 (previously £16).


A Knit Scarf

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A knit scarf is another knitwear essential for this new season. A stunning knit scarf finishes off a look beautifully and also retains body heat. It is worth having a few in different colours and designs for different outfits. I am currently loving this Aran Scarf in lambswool by Dunedin Cashmere. This fine quality scarf will be a fab wardrobe accessory. It currently retails at £27.95.


What do you think of these essentials? Sound off in the comment section below please.

Thanks for reading.


*This is a collaborative post.




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