6 Beauty Crimes You May Be Committing


Many of us are committing beauty crimes without us knowing. I know I am, and I know many bloggers, vloggers and celebrities that commit a few of the beauty crimes listed on here. Nobody’s perfect, neither is any makeup or skincare routine, but some crimes are worst than imperfect, they could leave us with lasting consequences.

Here are some of the most common beauty crimes I see around:

Bloggers/Vloggers Selling Used Makeup

I see a lot of bloggers/vloggers selling old makeup online, claiming it has only been swatched or used once, so it is good enough to be sold. Deep down, I am hoping we all agree this isn’t right. Like lipsticks, foundations, concealers, eye pencils, mascaras, and all the others, should not be shared, or bought unboxed. The only makeup you should be buying, should be brand new. Sharing makeup products could lead to skin infections, eye infections, and other skin problems you really can do without.

The only exception is when it comes to makeup artists. So if you are having your makeup professionally done, you will likely be using the artist’s makeup, which is fine as long as every product is applied with a makeup brush. The artist should obviously have the makeup brushes cleaned after each use.


Swatching on the Back of your Hand

I see a lot of bloggers/vloggers swatching makeup products behind the hands. This is so common and so wrong. The skin on back of the hand is a lot darker than our face, due to sun exposure. To ensure you get the ride shade, swatch the makeup products preferably on your jaw line, or the inner part of your arms, which is the closest shade to your face. This ensures you pick the right shade of product.

MAC Concealer Image

MeMeMe Trio Eyeshadow Swatches Image

Concealer before Foundation

The concealer should be applied AFTER the foundation and not before. The reason being is once the foundation is applied correctly, you may find that you don’t have to use the concealer as much, if at all. The foundation creates the right base for makeup. It is called ‘foundation’ for a reason.


Wrong Shade of Foundation

I have been sold the wrong shade of foundation like I said in my previous beauty post, so I know all about buying the wrong shade of makeup. However, some women deliberately go for a light/pale concealer, thinking it will help conceal the areas that need concealing better. This is so wrong. Your concealer should match your foundation to cover up and hide shadows.

If you find that you have the wrong shade of concealer already, do not panic. You can most likely correct the shade by mixing your concealer with a bit of foundation, providing that foundation is in the right shade.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer Image


Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Many of us do not clean our makeup brushes as often as we should, which is BAD. You should clean your makeup brushes as often as you use them. I use mine like twice a week most times, so I clean them once a month. If you use them every day, you should be cleaning them every week.



Watering Down your Cosmetics

I know I am so guilty of this. I tend to water down facial wash products when they are almost finished. I don’t know why I do it but I do it. Maybe it is because I do it with the dish washing liquid, it has become a kind of habit now, but it is beauty crime. Skincare products contain water, making them susceptible to contamination by micro-organisms: bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts. That is why it is so important not to water down cosmetics, as you change the natural balance of preservatives designed to keep products safe.

Have you committed any of these beauty crimes? Let’s discuss in the comment section.






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