How to Make Your Home Cozy This Winter

When I think of winter, all it brings to mind is snuggling up close to the fire place with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands and auburn lights. It’s that time of the year when it’s all about enjoying the comfort of your home and the company of your family. And right now, I am loving the fireworks!


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Winter is the time I spend indoors the most. Aside from it being cold outside, the warmth and friendliness of my house attracts me to it.

I must say that I put in quite a lot of work into making my home a lovely place to spend my time. And now that winter is here I can put my creativity to work to make my home a mini sanctuary. Here are some of my favourite practical tips to transform my home into a cozy abode this winter.


Light some candles

Candles are not for romantic dinners alone. Candles gives the whole house a lovely glow. It instantly transforms the mood.

I would recommend you go for scented candles as they not only make your home feel cozy, they also leave a pleasing scent that gives you the all round feel of comfort.


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Cute cushions

You can’t do without cushions this winter. The more cushions you have at home (most especially in the living area), the more comfortable you feel. Since winter is more of a stay-at-home season you feel like burying yourself in a pile of cushions.

The best part about cushions is that they help add some colour to your home. I would advise that you select warm coloured cushions to complement the feel you want to achieve this winter.


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Decorate your home with string lights

I’ve seen some pictures of people using string lights to decorate a corner of their room or place them around a mural or large portrait. They used string lights in creative ways to introduce more light into the house. I loved the idea and so I decided to try it.

One thing that winter reminds me of is Christmas. I call Christmas early by hanging string lights in some parts of my home. It makes the room a more magical and beautiful sight when I’m just sitting with a cup tea in the night.


Keep the blankets handy

I love having blankets nearby especially in the living area. It can get really cold during the winter and even though the house is well heated, I always feel a need to reach out for a blanket. It always paints a picture of coziness. You can drape a blanket over the couch or on your reading chair to add some contrast and colour.


Keep the fire on

I know that there are many people who don’t have fireplaces, but if you do have one, the fireplace becomes your greatest asset this winter. Aside from keeping the temperature up so that you don’t feel cold this winter, fireplaces create the vibe of comfort.

Make sure you maximize the use of your fireplace by arranging the couches to surround the fireplace. Another alternative is to keep the dining table near the fireplace so that you can enjoy lovely meals by the fire. Sometimes the fireplace may not be positioned to allow you to do those things. You can get giant pillows that you can put near the fireplace to create a special where place you can lounge.


How do you make your home cozy this winter.

Product Review – Sweetness & Light Soya Candles

Once you step into my home, you would spot my love for candles. I have candles in every room. There is something I love about candles. Apart from the amazing fragrance that lingers long after the candles have been put out, there is just this thing about them that relaxes me; puts me in a good mood. So you can imagine how excited I was to try out these Sweetness & Light Soya Candles.


Soya Candle Image

Candles Image


The candles here are Sweetness & Light Coconut Cream and Summer Breeze. I have been burning these for a couple of days now, and I love them. I am really impressed with the quality and the packaging of the candles. They look amazing, not like the regular candles we see around. They stand out even more with the unique personalisation. I have never had a candle with my name on it. Have you had one before?


A bit more about the brand – Sweetness & Light

Sweetness & Light Candles are handmade bespoke to order. Made with soya wax candles these and can be personalised and are a beautiful indulgent gift.  All of our orders are made bespoke to order so they can be customised just for you.

We are able to create a printed film which means we can personalise the front of these for you and your home or for the recipient of this beautiful gift.  


Sweetness & Light Scent Menu

French Vanilla

Pomegranate Love


Summer Breeze

Fresh Linen

Coconut Cream

Calm Cucumbers

Lavender Dreams

Smokey Nights

Sexy Man

Peony Posy


Sweetness & Light Summer Breeze and  Coconut Cream Soya Candles


Candle Image


I love them both but I prefer the Coconut Cream Candle. It reminds me of the beach holiday we had at Dubai some weeks ago. It takes me right back to the hot sunny days at the beach. Sweet memories.


Summer Candle Image



  1. I love the packaging. The jars look great and the illustrations on them are very pretty.
  2. I love the personalised labels. They would be great as gifts, as you can personalise it as you like.
  3. They both smell amazing, especially the Coconut Cream candle.
  4. These scents are great for the summer season.
  5. There are over 10 scents available on the Sweetness & Light Scent Menu, so there should be a scent for everyone.
  6. They are quite affordable with prices starting from £7.50 for a small 9cl jar, £17.50 for a medium 20cl jar, a small trio for £21, a twin medium set for £34.50 and a large 30cl jar for £19.50.







I recommend these Sweetness & Light candles to all the candle lovers out there, in need of a personalised type of candle. You can add any message on yours. So it could be a name like I have done here, or a motivational message, house name, or anything. I think it is a lovely gift idea and I like that it leaves my entire house smelling amazing.

Are you a candle lover? If yes, then you are in luck because I have a 10% discount code – 10off to use on the website (link above).

Happy shopping and have a lovely weekend.


*PR samples.

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