How to Make Your Home Cozy This Winter

When I think of winter, all it brings to mind is snuggling up close to the fire place with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands and auburn lights. It’s that time of the year when it’s all about enjoying the comfort of your home and the company of your family. And right now, I am loving the fireworks!


hot chocolate image


Winter is the time I spend indoors the most. Aside from it being cold outside, the warmth and friendliness of my house attracts me to it.

I must say that I put in quite a lot of work into making my home a lovely place to spend my time. And now that winter is here I can put my creativity to work to make my home a mini sanctuary. Here are some of my favourite practical tips to transform my home into a cozy abode this winter.


Light some candles

Candles are not for romantic dinners alone. Candles gives the whole house a lovely glow. It instantly transforms the mood.

I would recommend you go for scented candles as they not only make your home feel cozy, they also leave a pleasing scent that gives you the all round feel of comfort.


Summer Candle Image



Cute cushions

You can’t do without cushions this winter. The more cushions you have at home (most especially in the living area), the more comfortable you feel. Since winter is more of a stay-at-home season you feel like burying yourself in a pile of cushions.

The best part about cushions is that they help add some colour to your home. I would advise that you select warm coloured cushions to complement the feel you want to achieve this winter.


Cushion Image



Decorate your home with string lights

I’ve seen some pictures of people using string lights to decorate a corner of their room or place them around a mural or large portrait. They used string lights in creative ways to introduce more light into the house. I loved the idea and so I decided to try it.

One thing that winter reminds me of is Christmas. I call Christmas early by hanging string lights in some parts of my home. It makes the room a more magical and beautiful sight when I’m just sitting with a cup tea in the night.


Keep the blankets handy

I love having blankets nearby especially in the living area. It can get really cold during the winter and even though the house is well heated, I always feel a need to reach out for a blanket. It always paints a picture of coziness. You can drape a blanket over the couch or on your reading chair to add some contrast and colour.


Keep the fire on

I know that there are many people who don’t have fireplaces, but if you do have one, the fireplace becomes your greatest asset this winter. Aside from keeping the temperature up so that you don’t feel cold this winter, fireplaces create the vibe of comfort.

Make sure you maximize the use of your fireplace by arranging the couches to surround the fireplace. Another alternative is to keep the dining table near the fireplace so that you can enjoy lovely meals by the fire. Sometimes the fireplace may not be positioned to allow you to do those things. You can get giant pillows that you can put near the fireplace to create a special where place you can lounge.


How do you make your home cozy this winter.

Home & Garden Update July 2016



So sometime last year I moaned quite a bit about how our garden was yet to be done up. I am happy to say we are finally moving in the right direction in 2016, as far as doing up the garden is concerned. We finally have our very own SHED! And the home office is being done up in my head already, so I am hoping to get that sorted later this summer.

I am a very homely. I spend majority of my time at home with the kids so of course I would want it to look the best. I have been browsing some online interior sites, I am seriously crushing on some garden and kitchen gadgets for the home. Here are a few of them that have caught my eye:

Super Solar Security Wall Light with PIR, Warm White LEDs

I really like this security wall light, and I am so happy we now have this to include i a garden. I like the fact that it uses modern solar technology, and PIR motion sensor. It is so handy. I wonder how we have coped this long without it. It brightens up our garden beautifully, and it was easy to fix up as well.


Brita Elemaris Jug

Brita Jug Image


This jug is a life saver this summer. We drink a lot of water in our house, and I am not a fan of drinking straight from the tap, so we were previously buying bottles of still water from the shops but all that has ended since I got my hands on this Brita Elemaris Jug. I got 2 in different colours and they are the best gadgets ever! I just pop a filter cartridge in, and I fill up the jug with a water. The cartridge does all the work and I am left with nice tasting water in minutes. I love this jug. It is currently on sale for £24, previous price was £40, so you have 40% off if you buy now.


Tefal Actifry Fryer

I first heard about this Tefal Actifry Fryer some months ago, and it has been on my mind ever since. It uses just a little spoon of oil to fry 1kg of food. Can you imagine that? The healthiest way to fry. It is great for chips, chicken, fish, curries, casseroles, stir-frys, risottos, and desserts. I love this kitchen gadget so much.

Have you done any home improvements recently? Which kitchen gadget are you loving at the moment?


*PR sample included.


Homewear Wishlist 2016

Once upon a time, I used to be a homewear addict and I use to dream of becoming an interior designer. Can you imagine that? I even enrolled in an online course and all, I was that serious about it. That was many moons ago, I have since realised that although I like decorating my house, and do actually enjoy it, I didn’t want to be decorating other people’s houses, so that sent my dream of being an Interior Designer out of the window. Then I enrolled in London College of Style, and I found my calling, but not the stylist I was being trained to be, but as a fashion blogger, which led to the birth of Fashion and Style Police, which is now a mixture of fashion and beauty, and a bit of lifestyle.

Anyways back to the topic of the day, I am no longer a homewear addict, but I am still in recovery. However, every now and again, I like to buy fancy home stuff for the house, and you really cannot blame me because I am in this house 24/7 most weeks, blogging like there is no tomorrow.

At the moment, I have my eye on a few lovely home stuff, and I was also lucky enough to get some to review, so grab a cuppa, let me show off my new goodies, and some of the finer things I am lusting after for my home.


Wayfair Denim Duvet Set


Denim Duvet Set Image


This denim duvet set by Wayfair is a beauty to behold. I love the blue colour and the checked design. It is a perfect duvet set for my modern bedroom, the quality looks great and it is super affordable with prices starting from £12.99 for a single bed size.



200 Thread Count Deep Fitted Sheet by Belledorm



I love all the colours in this Belledorm collection and I am proud to say I am the proud owner of a Duck Egg bedsheet and a Palma Violet bedsheet. There are fitted sheets, so they fit the mattresses properly, which is great, nothing I hate more than laying my bed once I get off it, but with fitted sheets, the sheets tend to stay on the mattress, so usually I just need to straightened. Prices are also great starting from £9.99, and there is a variety of colours, so finding the right bedding to complement your bedroom should be easy.

Krups NESCAFE Dolce Gusto ‘Oblo’ Coffee Capsule Machine

KRUPS Coffee Machine

I have always wanted to own a coffee machine for so long now, so I think I will be clearing a space for this on my kitchen work tops soon, hopefully it won’t be needing a lot of space. This was originally sold in Debenhams for £90 but it is now on sale for £45, so I think I will need to move quickly on this one.


Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion



My daughter is obsessed with anything pink at the moment, so this Mantalan cushion will be nice addition for the both of us. I love the fact that it is faux fur in bright pink, and it is super affordable at £8.


Which item are you liking? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.


*PR samples included in this post.

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