Ariana Grande On Cosmopolitan UK May 2017 Issue

The cute Ariana Grande covers the May issue of Cosmopolitan UK and she looks lovely as always. I love her signature ponytail hairdo, and her makeup is always on point, especially her eyelashes. I wonder where she gets her eyelash extension supplies from. Her makeup is makeup goals for me. This is a fab cover!




I can clearly see myself reading this issue of Cosmo. From the topics on the cover, it looks like it would be a great read. I would love to read the “Dress like a Boss” article, “How to join the 150k Job Club”, and “Beauty Bloggers: Can we trust anything they say” articles. They sound interesting.

I do find it funny that magazines editors are mostly threatened by bloggers in general, I find it extremely flattering. I am not sure if this Beauty Bloggers article is a positive or negative article, but it is funny that many of these magazine bosses are having sleepless nights over bloggers.

I think there is more than enough room for magazines and bloggers, there should be no competition or bad blood at all. I celebrate the magazines I read, and I truly enjoy writing about them. I have been reading magazines long before I started reading blogs or writing on Fashion and Style Police, and I have a separate place in my heart for magazines and blogs. They feed a different part of me in different ways.

I like blogs because I can relate more to them, and I like magazines because I can’t relate with them, if that makes any sense. I do prefer reading blogs to magazines and that could be because I am a blogger and blogs are free!



Anyways, back to Ariana Grande. She looks gorgeous on the cover and I want to read this issue now.

What do you think? Have you read this issue? Please sound off in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the week!



*Collaborative post.

Beauty Muse – Jessica Alba

I enjoy writing the Beauty Muse series because it makes me appreciate the beautiful women we have all around us. This week, the stunning Jessica Alba is the Beauty Muse of the week. Her lovely face reminds me of a new-born baby’s bum; smooth, spotless and fresh. This woman is all versions of Beautiful.


Jessica Alba has a natural beauty, her skin is so spotless and her eyes are so beautiful. This woman Glows in the dark. I love everything about her face.


She recently shared some of her beauty tips with Cosmo, here is what she had to say:

“Looking good is feeling good. Beauty reflects your inner strength and your best self, whether you have makeup and hair done or not. I take the ten minutes (true story!) of my morning makeup routine to check in and remind myself that I’ve got this—whatever “this” is. I’d also say remembering your skin is the canvas for everything, so taking care of it is important. Staying hydrated is where it starts, from drinking water to using a humidifier, and wearing moisturiser and sunscreen is definitely part of my daily ritual. Every morning and every night I do my thing. Cleanse, moisturize, and eye cream. The whole shebang. I cleanse. I use face oil. And a cream in the day. And at night, I use a night cream.”



I agree with Jessica, beauty does reflect from within. Taking care of your skin, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep does wonders. There is little you can do from the outside but a lot to be done from the inside. Do you agree?


I think I need to step up my skin care routine. When I read about routines like Jessica Alba’s, I feel like there is something I am doing wrong.

What do you think of the Beauty Muse? Sound off in the comment section? Thanks for reading.







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