5 tricks for an attractive profile picture

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We always want to look our best online and that is why filters are so popular. Whether you are on a dating site looking for love or on a social media platform interested in more hookups, having an attractive profile picture is very important. The right profile picture will showcase your personality and your true self. You don’t want to give anyone the wrong ideas and you want people to have a good idea of who you are just by looking at your photo. If you have previously struggled in the photo department and you are wondering how to get the right profile picture, you may find this blog post really useful. Here are 5 tricks for an attractive profile picture

Upclose and personal

When it comes to profile pictures, you have a little time to make a good impression. On dating sites, it is usually a quick glance that determines your fate so focus on every tiny detail. With profile pictures, I like them upclose and personal so my face is really visible. The less distractions the better, so no hats or sunglasses. I like the attention to be on the face so people can get to see the real me.

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Having a pop of red

This is one of the easiest tricks in the book. Having a pop of red on your profile picture instantly brightens it up. This shade of red could be your outfit or your lipstick. It doe really matter where as long as it shows and blends in perfectly. I love having my pop of red on my lips. It works perfectly. My MAC Ruby Woo always looks so good.

Easy on the filters

You want your profile picture to be as attractive as possible but also be the real you. Having a profile picture that looks nothing like you in real life would do you no good in the long run especially on a dating site like Match Me Happy. You don’t want to get people interested in an urnrealistic version of you, so easy on the filters.

Dress to impress

You obviously want to look your best so you should dress to impress. Having an attractive profile picture that would look good on social media platforms and free dating sites is important. You don’t want to look too ordinary. The best way to about this is to dress like you are going to a nice event. That way you are sure you are looking your best.

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Stick to neutral backgrounds

With profile pictures, you want all the attention to be on the face. So sticking to a neutral background is the smart thing to do. Busy backgrounds will   only take the attention away from your pretty face. The more neutral the background, the better.

What do you think of these 5 tricks for an attractive profile picture? Have you tried any of them before? Do you have any tried and tested trick to share? Please sound off in the comments section, let’s chat.

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Coronavirus ushers in virtual dating

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The Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed lives all over the world in the different. From homeschooling the kids and working from home to shopping more online, wearing face coverings, and being socially distant. For those on the dating scene, the changes are even more. Gone are the days of casual hookups. There are lots of new regulations and changes, and the dating scene is heavily affected. Coronavirus has changed the game of casual dating for the unforeseeable future. I wonder if the dating world will ever go back to how it was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.  With the whole working from home and less time in bars, clubs, parties, and other social gatherings, it may be impossible to meet someone new anytime soon. Which is why I see Coronavirus ushering in virtual dating.

Coronavirus has changed the game of casual dating picture


How will the dating scene changed with the COVID-19 pandemic

Here are a few changes I see happening in the dating scene –

More online dating

For the time being, I see the dating scene being more online than offline. There will be more and more single people hooking up online. Dating sites like www.nostringsdating.net will be seeing an increase of signups, for those who want to meet new people regularly, but unable to due to spending more time at home and being socially distant in real life. I can imagine more dating sites implementing video calls to make it easier for long-distance hookups to ‘meet’ safely.

Date slow with video calls

Like I wrote in the popular post, goodbye fast fashion, hello slow fashion, the Coronavirus pandemic will allow singles date slow again. Gone are the days of quick hookups. I can imagine more dating sites implementing video calls to make it easier for long-distance hookups to ‘meet’ safely. The video calling feature will be a great addition to dating sites. It will allow singles video call each other before exchanging numbers. Singles will be able to date from the comfort of their homes and get to really know their prospective partner with no added stress of sex or being intimate in the early days. This feature will eliminate all distractions and allow couples to spend more time talking and take things slow. Which will enable them to figure out whether they are compatible quicker than in real life dating where there are all sorts of distractions.

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Less casual sex

With the “date slow” comes less casual sex. Those going on a sex dating site looking for a quick hookup may struggle. With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, I see fewer people having casual sex in general. Those that will be having sex will be sticking to one partner, which is great. For those singles only affect sex with no strings, 2020 and beyond may be tough for them. With people being socially distant and spending more time at home reflecting, casual sex may be the last thing on many minds.

Are you single or dating? How are you currently finding the dating world? Are you interested in virtual dating or do you prefer meeting people in real life?




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