How to Care for Crotchet Braids Bantu Twist

I have had my crotchet braids with bantu twist for over a week now and I have found it quite tricky to care for. This is my first time having this type of hairdo. I usually have crotchet braids on because I find them easy to install and gentle on the hair. It is a great protective style to rock so you can always catch me rocking some kind of crotchet braids

I have gotten a lot of complements thanks to my big hair. It seems you either love it or hate it with hairstyles like this. And I am happy to confess I love it. The hair is – Curly Afro Twist Crochet Braid Ombre Havana Mambo Synthetic Hair Extensions. I used 4 packs.


How to Care for Crotchet Braids with Bantu Twist


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Don’t bother with a hair net or bonnet

I tried to pop my big hair in a hair net and a few bonnets but was very unsuccessful. It was way too big, so I wrap my hair loosely in a silk scarf for bedtime.


Tie nylon bag for shower time

I also tried popping a couple of shower caps on my hair for shower, but I couldn’t get any shower caps over. So I settled for wrapping nylon bags over my hair for shower time. Very unattractive but it does the work perfectly.


Oil and trim everyday

I oil my bantu twists lightly with hair oil. Any hair oil should do, and a little is all you need. I also trim all the dead ends every day, to keep it looking good. The major issue with bantu twists is the fact this hair is prone to having dead ends. So you have to pay attention to the ends and get the trimming right to having good-looking hair.


Mositurise your roots

The hair roots need to be moisturised everyday. I use a mixture of almond oil and water in a spray bottle to keep my roots moisturised. I also use this hair styling water to keep my roots healthy.


Overall, I like my bantu twist crotchet braids. It is a great protective style and it suits me. Having said that, it is a bit high maintenance. It takes me ages to get ready these days thanks to the time I spend getting my hair in order. All the time I spend on the hair is worth it in the end though.

What do you think of this hair-do?  What is your favourite protective hair style? Please share in the comments section.






Product Review: V05 Extreme Style Rework Fibre Putty


I am a fan of VO5 products, I have had a couple of them and I think they are fab products. I have been using the VO5 Extreme Style Rework Fibre Putty, famously known as the UK No 1 Styling product for some months now and I have found it quite useful.

Here is what VO5 had to say about the product:

VO5 Extreme Style Rework Fibre Putty allows you to rework and restyle hair all day long with no stickiness, no greasiness or flaking. VO5 Extreme Rework Fibre Putty is ideal for short styles to manipulate hair in any direction with a long-lasting hold. VO5 Extreme Style Rework is a unique Fibre Putty to create the most messed up effects and funky styles with a long-lasting firm hold.

Here are my thoughts on the product.


  1. It is readily available online, in supermarkets and drug stores. I got mine from Boots.
  2. It is quite affordable. I got a 150ml tub for £4.19 and I have had it for over 3 months now.
  3. It is good value for money as most times, you only need a tiny little bit to style your hair. I know someone who has had hers for years now and she still uses it regularly.
  4. It holds brilliantly, no stickiness, makes styling so easy, and leaves long-lasting results.
  5. It gives my hair a glossy finish.

VO5 Extreme Style


  1. It does leave some residue that could leave whitish traces on your hair so be careful not to use too much, but apart from that this product is FAB.

I recommend this product 110%. It is not known as the No1 Styling Product in the UK for no reason, it is a great styling product, you should try it.

Have you tried this product before? What are your thoughts? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and have a fab day.

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