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The stylish and quirky 27-year-old author and fashion blogger, Leandra Medine is the style icon today. For those who do not know, Leandra is the brain behind the American fashion blog – Man Repeller, a blog famous for documenting outfits women love to wear, and men love to hate. Leandra is known for her take no prisoners style, and the fact that she dresses for herself, and not for men or anyone else. In her words, she choose fashion over men, and she started her blog to showcase her style:

“There is a story that I’ve told a million times about being in Topshop with a close friend of mine, and I was complaining about the state of my love life and she essentially said, ‘Of course nobody wants to date you, you don’t dress for men,’ and it was sort of this really empowering moment for me where I was like, oh my gosh, I’m single by choice because I’m choosing fashion over the men. That’s when I started the blog.”

I first noticed Leandra’s style in 2013 when I set up Fashion and Style Police. She was one of the few fashion bloggers that caught my eye, and I have since been intrigued by her sense of style, and her writing. If you are having a bad day, just head over to her blog, you are sure to find various light-hearted posts to put you in a better mood.


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I don’t think I will look half as good as she does, rocking most of her pieces, but I think it all boils down to self-confidence, which she has a lot of. For you to have a true personal style, you have to sort the confidence bit first. Leandra Medine can look good in anything because she CAN. I would want to be like how when I grow up, but then again, I am older than her, so I guessed I am grown up right?




What do you think of her style?


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