Beauty Muse – Dakore Akande


The beautiful 36-year-old Nigerian Actress – Dakore Akande is the Beauty Muse of the week and I am super excited to feature her.


I love Dakore’s face, she has amazing facial features. Her eyes, nose and lips are all in equal proportions and they suit her face perfectly. She also knows how best to show off her features. Her make game is ace, always on point. I have never spotted Dakore Akande not looking good. I have major makeup envy whenever I spot her flawless face. Her hairstyles are always on point as well. She is a true beauty.


Dakore Akande

Dakore is not your regular beautiful girl but that is what makes her stand out from the rest, her beauty is so refreshing, and her killer smile finishes off her look. She is all shades of beauty.


Here are some of her beauty tips:

1. Find out what works for your skin and keep it glowing.
2. Define your style and stick with it. Don’t let anyone define your style.
3. Keep a consistent fitness routine and a healthy diet. Have your ‘me’ time as much as you can.



What do you think of her as a Beauty Muse? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

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The Style Icon – Mercy Johnson

The style icon for the week is the lovely Nigerian actress; Mercy Johnson. Her style is very chic and feminine, Mercy Johnson knows what designs and pieces suit her body shape and she sticks to them. Our style icon accessorizes perfectly, she knows the colours that suit her natural colouring and she has fantastic carriage and charisma. Mercy Johnson is a true Style Icon. Have a look at some of her pictures below and tell me what you think.

Mercy Johnson




Beauty Muse – Tonto Dikeh

Beauty Muse is a new beauty series I am starting. I will be featuring beautiful faces from all parts of the world and write about their beauty features, makeup and so on. We are starting off with the beautiful actress from Nigeria – Tonto Dikeh.


Tonto Dikeh has a flawless light skin and she enhances it with a lot of makeup but it never looks too much or awful on her. She gets away with a full on made up face. I am loving the red lippie below.


I also love her eyebrows. She is stunning.



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