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The ecological problem has been confronting mankind for many years. During this time, many methods have been invented and put into use, which alleviates the burden on the environment and helps to clean it up as quickly as possible. One of these methods is the use of recycled materials. Its introduction in the industry has made it possible to minimize many harmful phenomena to nature. For example, deforestation and soil depletion from crops has now become less of a problem. Moreover, the amount of waste that resulted from their processing has decreased.

This aspect also applies to harmful plastic. Modern technology has made it possible to create a large number of things based on it, including clothing. Clothes made from recycled plastic are no different from other clothes, except for the composition. It’s just as soft and easy to care for, and it’s also good for the environment. But how does a plastic bottle make a comfortable shirt? Let’s find out why we should support manufacturers who use recycled materials and how it can affect the world.

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Why Use Clothes Made from Recycled Plastic

Garbage has become a big problem around the world in recent decades. Most of this trash barely decomposes, while the rest releases toxic substances that poison the soil, water, and air in the process of decomposition. Another problem with these toxins is their active participation in creating a greenhouse effect on the planet. It is because of this that the average temperature of the planet rises every year. In a couple of hundred years, this could lead to a great catastrophe, the beginning of which we can already see today.

It is unlikely to be possible to completely eliminate the effects of contamination, but it is possible to slow down the process considerably. By reusing raw materials, you can save not only the material but also the health of the environment. Today, you can find hundreds of recycled plastic clothes shops online. For example, the Sustainable Fashion store has long been popular among concerned shoppers. And all thanks to the fact that they allow you to expand the use of recycled materials, which, in turn, will increase the number of recyclable waste.

How Do You Make Clothes of Plastic?

You may have a legitimate question: how can you make soft and comfortable clothes out of hard plastic? Now, we’re going to go over all the recycling steps that wasted plastic goes through before it becomes a new fashionable T-shirt.

The whole secret of recycling lies in the fact that plastic is very similar to the already familiar polyester in its chemical formula. In specialized factories, all trash is first sorted. They remove caps and labels and then separate everything by color. Then, all collected material is crushed into small pieces, pressed, and processed in a steam boiler. The result is small pellets, ready to find new life as some clothing or other items. And these things will not be any worse than other things. In the popular Recycled plastic clothes shop online, you will find hundreds of fashion novelties, which are almost impossible to distinguish from things with natural components. In addition, these things are much easier to care for. They are easy to wash, they dry quickly, do not change their shape and structure after washing, and practically do not absorb odors.

Other Recycling Materials

Not everyone may like the idea that their T-shirt may have been someone else’s bottle in the past. If you don’t trust plastic clothing but still want to help clean up the planet, there are options for you too. For example, you can support manufacturers of clothes made from recycled cotton. These clothes are made from other, already discarded cotton items, as well as scraps that are left over after production.

Statistics show that most of the fabrics we buy are thrown away in the first year, and most of the clothes collections we buy are sent to landfills. The fabric is never used again, so why not give it a second life? Many of our fashion stores support any kind of recycling, so they put these clothes on sale as well. Clothes made of different recyclable materials are already actively used by famous brands like Levi’s, Marks&Spencer, H&M, Nike, Adidas, and many others.

How to Recognize Recycled Clothes?

It is almost impossible to distinguish between clothes made from recycled materials and regular clothes with the naked eye. The material is rebuilt on an almost molecular level so that it becomes wearable. It loses its toxic properties and is completely safe. However, it is not without its disadvantages in such clothes. Like its plastic predecessors, this material also remains sensitive to light and can wear out faster than its natural counterparts. Moreover, it does not retain light colors, so it is often painted in bright or dark shades, which imposes its own limitations on the choice of style.

But you don’t have to wonder what material your favorite shorts are made of. No one is interested in cheating, so you can always recognize recycled clothing by its tag. It will have a percentage of all the components of the garment, as well as the recommended storage and care conditions.


The fight against litter is very important to our future, and it’s not hard to support it. Giving up disposable items may cause some discomfort, but wearing comfortable clothes has never stopped anyone. Such clothes are not difficult to find; they are easy to care for and will not be so sorry to change because of the affordable price. Even such a small contribution will play a role, and in the future, the problem of global warming and pollution of the oceans will not be as acute. In addition, such things save the planet’s resources, which are renewable for a long time. So, if there is no significant difference in your everyday life, but it makes a huge difference in the whole world’s environment, why not contribute to the future?

How we can make fashion greener

Recently I found out that the fashion industry is among the top 5 most polluting industries in the world. It never occurred to me that clothing could destroy the ecosystem so bad, yet alone be among the top 5. To be honest, I was shocked!


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I’m perfectly aware of the efforts being made by some organizations and some countries in ensuring that companies are environmentally friendly. Some companies have keyed into the importance of protecting the ecosystem. But how about the fashion industry? What measures is the fashion industry putting in place? What are the fashion retailers and designers doing to make fashion greener?

I did quite a bit of digging and found out how we can make fashion greener.


Eco-friendly fabrics

What’s fashion without fabric? That is the live wire of the fashion industry. From the production, dying and sewing, you need to have the fabric to make that amazing outfit. Although attempts were made by designers to use other materials like plastic or pieces or metals in their creation, fabric is the most commonly used.

It was only natural for greener fashion to start with eco-friendly fabrics. Science has made it possible to use fruit and vegetable waste as ingredients to produce eco-friendly fibre. Imagine wearing outfits made of apple pulp waste and citrus waste. Some fashion designers have started using those fabrics for their outfits.

A lot can be done in a lab. For instance, scientists have been able to create bio-fabricated leather. Others were able to successfully produce cloth from spider silk. It’s amazing to see how far science has developed.


Using recycled materials

I find fashion quite resourceful. While doing my research I came across a fabric called Denimite. This is a recycled material made from polyester, glass and denim. It’s blue just like denim but with an effect that represents marble tiles.

Materials like Denimite are not only eco-friendly, they also helps to encourage recycling culture. It’s quite innovative and Denimite has been used by fashion designers as well. It’s nice to know that it was well-received.

There has been a spur among more manufacturers to recycle other materials to create amazing fabrics for clothing items. Nylon and plastic were used to produce fabric for outdoor gear. There has also been news that synthetic rubber was used to create boots.



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Properly disposing clothing items

Manufacturers and fashion designers are not the only ones responsible for making fashion greener. We the consumers also have a part to play in making fashion greener.

It was recorded that clothing worth billions of pounds is discarded each year. Sadly, most of those clothes end up in the bin. If you want to safeguard your environment, then you need to do something different.

There are millions of people who are in need of decent clothing. Instead of throwing your old clothes away, you can donate them to people in need. You may also sell your clothes or gift them to someone else.


How do you make your fashion greener?

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