How Fashion Influences Interior Design

Fashion is a world of colour, styles and creativity. The fashion pieces and accessories designed every season makes me feel so grateful that innovation never dies.

For as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in fashion and interior design. I am so enthralled by the beauty and creativity in interior design. As I flipped through fashion and home magazines, I noticed something phenomenal:  The fashion trends and the trends of interior design were almost the same.



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It’s so fascinating how fashion and interior design have so much in common in terms of what’s trending and what’s not. They meet at a tangent on several occasions.

It’s hard to believe how fashion can influence interior design. Here are some reasons to explain the relationship between fashion and interior design.


The seasons dictate the trends

Just the way we divide the year into seasons, in the fashion industry the year is divided into 4 different seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn or fall. Fashion designers draw their inspiration from these seasons. They get ideas from the changes in weather, the colours outside and how people behave during those seasons.

Fashion designers pour their ideas into their sketches which then come to life on the runway. In the same way, interior decorators also get inspired by what they see around them. As the season changes so do their design ideas to suit the changes they see outside. They recreate what they see outside in the rooms they decorate.



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Inspiration from social media

Everything is on social media these days. People generally engage with pictures better than they do with written content. That’s why you see more people upload all sorts of pictures, most especially what they or other people wear, for everyone to consume.

What this means is that as you or any other person uploads pictures of outfits on social media, you are showcasing a fashion designer’s creation. In fact, many fashion designers upload their creations on social media for their fans to appreciate.

Just the same way you’re on social media there are thousands of interior designers there as well. These interior designers get inspired by what people wear and what’s trending in fashion and try to recreate this in their work.


Style personified

I can confidently say that the first source of inspiration for many creatives is people. When you observe people, you notice the way they dress and the way they live their lives. We express ourselves in the way we dress. This is how we speak our mood or how our activities will be like.

Fashion designers try to capture the possible moods, our beliefs and concerns in the outfits they design. Consequently, when interior designers watch us express ourselves in our outfits, they pick up what we try to communicate and mirror them in the homes. with the furniture and in the arrangements.


Do you agree with the fact that fashion influences interior design? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. It’s always interesting to see how things influence each other. I agree that social media is a big thing these days as it’s right there and instant.

  2. I had no idea that the two were connected like that. We don’t redecorate our whole house for the seasons, but I suppose yes, accessories do change the same as our clothes do. Interesting!

  3. I’d never thought about this connection between fashion and interior design until now – you’re absolutely right. It’s amazing the influence social media now has, it’s the first place I got for inspiration.

  4. They sure influence each other … Another factor to examine is that the trend bureaus often trendspot for both fashion interior and lifestyle in general. I am a fashion designer and can only agree with you that the trends are alike…

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  6. I have studied design and textiles, and today I study interior! And fashion in clothing and interior is often similar to each other. So I think designers in both clothes and interior think equally. At least I do when it comes to design clothes and interior. It’s a lot about what you are inspired by and that you inspire each other with sharing picture and project on social media.

  7. I love this! You are so right, fashion is a huge influencer in interiors. I mean, look at the trends right now! Pastels, bold colours, botanic prints. The catwalk is a huge influence. Thanks for the post!

  8. Amen Sister! I have been a designer for a few years now and it it so interesting to see the seasonal changes in Interiors as well as in fashion. Also very interesting to see how style keeps coming back around! For instance… faux painting! I taught it at Design college over 10 years ago and now it’s rught back on our doorstep! Gotta love the industry you’re in!

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