How to Maintain Pearly White Teeth

You know what a confidence boost having white teeth is. You’re never afraid to show your best smile. Although it is now easier to get your teeth whitened, having pearly white teeth is not permanent. The food you eat and beverages you drink can stain your teeth. If not checked, you’ll go back to the yellow stained teeth you had before.


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And with the stained teeth comes dampened confidence. Of course, you need to eat and drink to survive. You can’t stop doing that because you want to maintain your pearly smile. However, there are ways you can maintain your pearly white.

  1. Brush your teeth immediately after taking stain-prone food or beverages

Not all food and drink stain your teeth. But if you want to maintain white teeth you need to identify the ones that you take regularly.

Common culprits are coffee, tea and wine. The trick to preventing them from staining your teeth is to brush your teeth with a good whitening toothpaste like this Curaprox Black is White Whitening Toothpaste for £19.95. Doing this will help to drastically reduce the possibility of stains and keeps your teeth really white.


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Another clever way to prevent staining from drinks is to drink through a straw. When you drink through a straw you prevent the drink from coming in contact with your teeth.


  1. Use whitening strips or whitening trays periodically

Maintaining the whiteness of your teeth can be as easy as periodically using over the counter teeth whitening products. Over the counter whitening products like whitening strips or whitening trays can keep any sign of staining at bay.

However, whitening strips and trays whiten your teeth by wearing away the enamel. The enamel is the outer covering of your teeth. The more you use such products, the more you risk damaging your teeth. So be extremely cautious with how often you use them.


  1. Brush with baking soda

Baking soda is a natural product to help with teeth whitening. Just like the over the counter whitening products, baking soda wears away the enamel. However, if you restrict the use of baking soda to once a week, it will help to reduce the risk of damaging your teeth. It’s still a good way to maintain your pearly white teeth.


  1. Use teeth whitening toothpaste

There are special toothpastes that help make your teeth whiter. So, instead of using ordinary toothpaste and still face the risk of staining, you can use teeth whitening toothpaste and keep your teeth clean and white. I think this is pretty handy since teeth whitening toothpastes don’t only maintain the whiteness of your teeth but they also ensure your overall oral health.


  1. Eat more crunchy vegetables and fruits

Crunchy vegetables and fruits act as a natural scrub that will help clean your eat at each bite. Imagine how easy it would be to maintain your white teeth by just eating healthy crunchy vegetables and fruits like carrots, apples and even celery. As you bite into these vegetables and fruits they rub against your teeth and in the process whiten them. Not only do they help to maintain your white teeth, they also help you live healthier.


How do you maintain your pearly white teeth?


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My Teeth Whitening Experience

I have always wanted pearly white teeth. Maybe my obsession with having white teeth came from watching too much trashy reality tv. The cast always have very white teeth on those programs. That could be why I am always in the pursuit of extra white teeth.

I know most of these celebs go for teeth whitening with Invisalign. I read that somewhere anyway. However, the treatment option has never been offered to me, and if it is offered, I know I will be turning down. I hear it is a lot of money to get them done and to be honest, I don’t think I need that much work done. Great dental clinics like this Whitby dentist, do offer affordable payment plans for those who need it. So if you are interested in having your teeth whitened, don’t let the price tag scare you. Do your research and find out the best payment plan for your budget.


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My Teeth Whitening Experience

I have had my teeth whitened twice now. The first time was in 2012. I had it done at a very posh private clinic and I was very happy with the results. I was given home kits to take away with to use for about 2 weeks. My teeth went many shades whiter! I was so impressed!  For £200, it was money well spent in my eyes! I didn’t have to deal with teeth sensitivity at all, which was great too.

As the years have gone by, with all the eating and drinking. I needed to have a top up session done. So I booked a teeth whitening session with our dentist some months ago. I paid a bit more than £200 this time. I had a teeth whitening session for 1 hour at the clinic, and I was given a teeth whitening kit to use for 3 days at home. However, this experience was so different from my first. I felt the 1 hour teeth whitening session at the dentist was not as effective. There was little or no difference. I didn’t notice any difference but the dentist did.

The home kit given to me was also very difficult to use. It made my teeth so sensitive, I had to stop using it. I didn’t have this issue the first time I had my teeth whitened, so I found this new experience very confusing. It is frustrating that the money spent looks wasted.



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I will probably look at having my teeth whitened again in future but I need to be able to see a clear difference.


Have you ever had your teeth whitened before? Were you happy with the results?


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