Product Review: MAC Fix+

I have used the MAC Fix+ for a while now. Infact I have gone halfway already and this is my first bottle. I won’t be buying this product again and I will tell you why but before I do that, here is what MAC has to say about the MAC Fix+:

A lightweight, mineral rich finishing mist that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup. Helps create an even surface for a smooth makeup application. Same Fix + formula with upgraded packaging.

MAC Fix+

Here are my thoughts:


  • It gives your face a fresh look.
  • It is quite handy when you have gone overboard with the powder or foundation, it takes away the powdery look.
  • It can be used before you apply makeup; like a primer, and after makeup to freshen your face.
  • I love the fragrance.
  • It can be used to intensify eye shadow colours, just spray on the brush before applying the eye shadow.


  • It is quite pricey at £15.50 for a bottle.
  • The spray head broke after a couple of weeks so using it has been a pain. It pours out everywhere now.

I personally won’t recommend this product because of my experience and I won’t be using it again. I can’t get over the fact that the packaging isn’t good enough for such a pricey product.

Has anyone tried the MAC Fix+? What are your thoughts?

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