Fashion Criminal – Simon Cowell

For those of you who love the Fashion Criminal series and Simon Cowell, I am sure you have been waiting for his lovely self to feature on here. Well, today is your day, Simon Cowell is a Fashion Criminal. Simon has been committing various fashion crimes since he appeared on our TV screens.

What I love about this man is his attitude. He does not care what anyone has to say, he does what he wants and he dresses how he likes. He is a BOLD Fashion Criminal and he needs some styling help now. simon_cowell_6

When I look at his clothes and how he styles them, I am usually speechless. Where do I begin? Is it the fact that he loves showing us his very hairy chest? Or his everyday look of white or black shirt paired with jeans? Or the fact that some of his shirts don’t have a good fit like the one above? Or the fact that he looks the same everyday? I really can’t tell. simon-cowell-news-gossip-celebrities-trousers-shirt-fashion-make-up-botox-plastic-surgery-dale-winton-x-factor COWELL-EMBED_2454597a

Simon Cowell needs to invest in his signature style and care more about his appearance. He has no style and is currently known as Britain’s worst dressed man. For someone on major TV shows, I wonder how he has been able to get away it. Just look at the hem of his jeans above. He had the holes patched up?

Money is not an issue for him so I am wondering why he does not have a stylist, and if he does what is the stylist doing? He looks so plain and boring every time. It is becoming a joke now. I will love to see Simon Cowell in more colours. He can still go for just neutral colours if those are the colours he prefers. A bit of cream and brown will be nice. He will also need to wax his chest if he wants to keep showing it off. Hairy chests are a no-no Simon. A trip to the barbers will also be a good idea. I think a good haircut will do him some good. What do you think?

Product Review – Cussons Mum & Me Soothing Spray

The first time I had the pleasure of using Cussons Mum and Me soothing spray was the summer of 2012. I was pregnant, tired and so hot. I felt like I had a central heating system in my body. I guess it should feel like that with two babies in there.

I needed something to cool me down and I came across this product in my local Boots. I have used Cussons Mum & Me regularly in the warm months since then, even though I am no longer pregnant.

Here are my thoughts on Cussons Mum & Me soothing spray:

Cussons Mum and Me Soothing Spray

Beauty Blogger Review


  • It does the job. I feel cooler immediately I spray it on my body.
  • It has a peppermint fragrance which I love.
  • It is quite affordable. I got mine for under £5.
  • It dries up immediately, not oily and leaves no stains.


  • None. This is a great product for the summer months and pregnant woman. My readers from Nigeria, Ghana and other warm countries will find this product very handy. Like I said, it does the job.

Has anyone tried this product yet? Sound off in the comment section pls. Thanks for reading


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