Solange In Twenty8Twelve


Solange Knowles is wearing a pink Twenty8Twelve shorts suit. Is it a Yay or a Nay? You decide.

Product Review – Repetto Eau de Toilette

My regular readers will be wondering where all these sudden product reviews and blogging posts are coming from. You are going to be reading a lot more of posts like this one on Fashion and Style Police. I enjoy trying out new products and giving my honest opinion about them, and I love sharing knowledge and information. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Product Review

I got a 30ml Repetto Eau de Toilette bottle in Sephora Paris while on holiday last month and I have sprayed it a couple of times now. Here are my thoughts on it:


  • It comes in a beautiful package. That bottle is so chic.
  • The fragrance smells amazing. It is a combination of floral-fruity and oriental-woody.



  • It is quite expensive at 40 euros for a 30ml bottle.
  • The fragrance is not long-lasting. It wears off after some hours. I guess that is expected with an Eau de Toilette perfume.

Has anyone tried this perfume? Sound off in the comment section please.

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