Kylie Jenner Is Launching A Beauty Site

Kylie Jenner seems to be a Jack of all trades just like the rest of the family. From having her hair extension line with Bellami, various collections in different stores, a stint in modelling, via Brother-in-Law; Kanye West’s label, pop music and now Beauty site. These Kardashians/Jenners do work overtime.

According to her Instagram caption below, Kylie is launching her very own beauty site. This is so exciting to hear. Major beauty new guys. I am sure all my beauty bloggers and beauty junkies will be stalking the beauty site all day, everyday – once it goes live.



I can’t wait. Can you?


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  1. I’ll be honest: to me there is something sad about Kylie launching her own beauty site, if I had a teenage girl, I’d be mortified if she went on that site and would discourage her at all costs. To me teens must learn to be comfortable in their own skin- to not rely on heavy makeup that ages the eff out of them, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, artificial pumping of the lips. I’d teach a teen or my teen that there is plenty of time for that (if her insecurities continue)and that as a teenager all she need do is wash her face, moisturize and wear lip balm. Her skin will thank her for it in years to come. But I guess I’m old fashioned…

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