Book Update

So I told you I was writing a book on blogging some months, scheduled to be release this month of July. If you missed that post, click here.


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Well, it obviously hasn’t gone as planned. I seriously underestimated the amount of work involved in freelancing, running a blog, writing a book and having a life. It is not a child’s play. However, I am still working on the book, some chapters are ready and I am hoping to have it released sometime this year, fingers crossed. I am not going to put a new date to it so I don’t jinx it again. The book will be for bloggers and aspiring bloggers, and I am working my behind off to have it ready in time and to make sure it is worth a read.

In other news, I have a second article published on Huffington Post, click here for a read and do leave me a comment if you can, I will appreciate that. Also please share, tweet, like and pin the article to share the word. For those who were wondering, my Huffington Post articles will be centered around more of parenting, families, relationships and generally lifestyle topics. There will be articles on fashion and beauty in future, but for now, I want to have a varied writing portfolio so there will be a bit of everything on there.

Thank you for your support. Please keep checking my writing portfolio page for updates. It has been updated and I will be updating it on a weekly basis with links to my articles on the web. I have a few fashion and beauty articles to be published on other sites in August so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely week.

Marilyn Monroe’s Glamour Secrets


“Glamour is what makes a man ask for your telephone number and a woman ask for the name of your dressmaker” – Lily Dache.

Many beautiful women of today lack the Marilyn Monroe kind of glamour, while some not so pretty women have loads of it. Being glamorous has nothing to do with being beautiful. Glamour is all about part personality, part charm, and part style.

The secret to glamour lies within reach of every woman. You just have dig deep to find it. Here are 6 glamour secrets of Marilyn Monroe, remixed by Fashion and Style Police :

  1. Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.
  2. Glamour is not all about evening dresses. You can look glamorous in a regular pair of jeans.
  3. Trust your gut. Don’t ask other women for style advice except you are asking a Rachel Zoe and you have at least $6000 to hire one.
  4. Before you convince others that you are attractive, you got to believe it first.
  5. Embrace your feminine side. Enjoy being a woman.
  6. Go through fashion magazines and blogs until you find someone who is your type. Then model your clothes on hers.

Well, those are Marilyn Monroe’s glamour secrets. What do you think of them? Do you have any glamour secret of yours to share? Sound off in the comment section.

Fashion Criminal: Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus has been committing the crimes of fashion for years now and her style is so BAD! Since she got rid of her good girl Hannah Montana image, she has been seen dressed in some very hideous outfits. This controversial pop star likes to wear as little clothes as possible, and most of the few pieces she wears do her no good. Miley Cyrus sees nothing wrong with the fact that she goes about hardly dressed.

“For me, nudity has never been something that I’ve ever tripped about. I don’t really see it the way everyone else sees it,” Miley tells VEVO. “I’d rather be naked than cry in front of people, because I don’t like showing weakness and that’s a lot of vulnerabilities.”

I believe her.



I think Miley Cyrus is a super talented pop star. I love some of her songs and I can see why she has a huge fan base. I also get the fact that she is trying to stand out from the pack and shed the ‘Disney Princess Good Girl’ image so bad, but there are more stylish ways to go about this act of rebellion, just look at the likes of Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera. Miley needs a fashion stylist (I want to believe she doesn’t have one), her style is so messed up at the moment; it needs to be saved.


Miley Cyrus

Miley’s fashion style needs a lot of twerking, her accessories are all over the place, she doesn’t pair the right pieces together, she is just what I call a HOT MESS. This style is not bold, it is wrong on all counts.


I will love to see Miley Cyrus DECENTLY AND STYLISHLY dressed for a change. That will be nice. I want her style to remain edgy and full of personality but stylish and decent at the same time. That is not too much to ask now right?

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