Let’s Talk About Specs


Sunnies: Gucci

Let’s talk about SPECS. I love my sunnies. I can wear them all day, every day, regardless of the season or the time of the day, if it were possible. I love sunglasses that much. I am currently looking at growing my collection this summer, and when it comes to my accessories, I like them QUALITY. I won’t go for a cheap high street branded sunglasses, only if I was gifted, scratch that, even if it was gifted, it will still have to be good enough. I won’t wear any horrible looking $10 sunglasses. No offense to those who do wear them, they are just not my style.

I like my accessories to do more of the talking when it comes to my style. I go over and beyond with my sunglasses in particular because they are a necessity for me. I wear recommended contact lenses and I find them uncomfortable in the sun or when it is too windy so I cannot leave my house without a pair of sunglasses. I usually have one permanently in my bag and I leave one in our car as well. YES, it is that serious.

I wish I had an unlimited budget to splurge and get some more cool sunnies to add to my little collection. I think they are a good investment. I have had my Gucci since 2009 and it is still perfect. I rather splurge on high-end designer accessories that last for donkey years than cheap high street designer knock-offs that fall apart after some months.

What do you think of these beauties below?

Balenciaga Rectangle Sunglasses £255


Michael Kors Aviator Sunglasses £108

Michael Kors

Givenchy Oversize Sunglasses £205


Prada Square Sunglasses £215



Linda Farrow Oversize Sunglasses £335

Linda Farrow

Which is your favourite? I want them all. If only wishes were ……

Can you fill in the gaps?


Beauty Muse – Miranda Kerr

The beautiful Australian supermodel; Miranda Kerr is a beauty to behold. I love all her facial features, she is all versions of beautiful.



Here is her 15 minute beauty regime for the curious Georges in here:

Miranda starts off her morning with warm water and organic lemon juice to jumpstart her digestive system. This is followed by dry brushing, using products from her Kora Organics line, minimal makeup including tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip balm, a green juice and she’s out the door in 15 minutes. WOW. Ready in 15 minutes? That is quick. It takes me like 30 minutes to get my face done.


Miranda Kerr has a real presence in the beauty world, especially in the world of organic beauty with her beauty line – Kora Organics. She is definitely a Beauty Muse.

What do you think?


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