Kendall & Kylie Jenner For Balmain Autumn Campaign 2015


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My Interview With Fashiola


So I was interviewed by Fashiola – The Online Clothing Search Engine for the UK. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Tell us something about yourself!

My name is Stella, a fashion and beauty blogger based in Cheshire. I blog at Fasionandstylepolice and I am also a freelance writer. I write fashion and beauty articles for a couple of online sites. I have two degrees; a first degree in Accountancy and a second degree in International Human Resources and my day job does not relate to any of my degrees.

Which topics do you like to write about and why?
I love writing about fashion, style, beauty and blogging. I have always had a passion for fashion and beauty, sounds cliché but it is the truth. I fell in love with writing blogging tips articles along the way.

How do you ensure that your blog remains creative and innovative?

I write and read everyday. I read various blogs, books and magazines to keep up with fashion and beauty topics and I keep my writing skills alive by writing an article every day. I have a growing portfolio already, and many of my articles are yet to be published.

How would you describe your clothing style?
I will describe my clothing style as chic and feminine. I am currently very into skirts and dresses, especially shirt dresses. I find them very comfortable and bang on trend.

Where do you get your inspiration from?


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Your Bust Deserves A Bra-tastic!



Picture Source: Getty Images

102 years after it’s invention, most women still take their bras for granted. They spend money on stylish clothes and accessories but neglect their bras, forgetting the fact that the right foundation is the key to a well-tailored look. Today, many women are walking about wearing a wrong bra size. Some have not had a professional fitting done in over two years. Are you one of them?


Britney Spears having a major bra issue.


Your bust deserves a good, structured bra. A good structured bra will enhance your body shape, providing the right support with a perfect fit, which is simply a Bra-tastic. On the other hand, wearing an ill-fitting bra can cause health problems, like shoulder and neck pain, spinal pain, cervical spine issues and many other health issues. This fact alone is enough to get you to wear the right bra.

When it comes to bras, I am a huge fan of Marks & Spencer, Ultimo and Victoria’s Secret. All my bras are from these three stores, and they have a bra for every woman.


Picture Source: Getty Images

Here are eight tips you should remember when buying your next bra:

  1. Go for a fitting before buying your next bra. Every good bra store has a professional fitter ready to measure.
  2. Go for a bra fitting again if you lose or gain 10 pounds or more, are pregnant or have just had a baby.
  3. Try the bras in stores before you part with your cash. Bras are like shoes, no two ever fits the same.
  4. A good bra won’t come cheap so prepare to spend ££ to get a good bra.
  5. Go for versatile bras that can be strapped, strapless and mono-strapped.
  6. Go for bras in colours that will match pieces in your wardrobe.
  7. Opt for bras in styles that flatter your bust. So for women with broad shoulders, go for bras with narrow set straps, and so on.
  8. The bra straps around the body should be firm but very comfortable.

Do you have any bra tip to share?

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