Celebrity Style: Who Wore It Better


Who wore this Alexander Vauthier sexy cut-out piece better? Taraji P Henson or Miley Cyrus? You decide….

The Style Icon: Madonna

The crazy but cool Madonna is the Style Icon for the week. This 57-year-old entertainer has been slaying since the eighties and she is still doing her style thing in 2015.


In the fashion world, Madonna is known for her love of black, daring custom-made stage costumes, and being a trendsetter. She stands out from the rest and she owns every look she wears.


The Queen of Pop’s chameleon sense of style keeps the fashion and style world on its toes, you can never know for sure what her next look would be, she is flamboyant and a risk taker. I guess that is what makes her different, what makes her Madonna.



Madonna’s signature style keeps evolving, it was once eccentric, colourful, risqué and urban, and now it is more conservative, fashion-forward and ‘grown-up chic’, but it still switches from time to time, depending on her mood I guess. I LOVE the way she keeps us all on our toes. It works because I am always so eager to see what she is wearing on a Red Carpet Event or on stage. It is ‘never say never’ when her style is concerned, and she never goes unnoticed, and I love that about her.


In a way, she is a Style Icon and a Fashion Criminal at the same time. She slays most of her looks, and has fought and won the fashion right to express herself anyway she pleases. She can get away with wearing some pieces that don’t exactly hit the spot, just because she is Madonna, pieces like this below:


However, when her copycats like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga try to copy her style, they look horrible. That is why she is the Style Icon.

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Beauty Muse – Eku Edewor

The British/Nigerian TV presenter, model, actress – Eku Edewor is the Beauty Muse of the week.


Eku Edewor is a stunner, her makeup is always perfect, her skin glows in dark, she is always looking radiant, her facial features are out of this world, she is all shades of beautiful. She is the Real Deal.

I remember watching a video of her some months where she shared her skincare routine and stripped all her makeup off and she still looked flawless.

Here is the video below:


I have always wanted to know what her beauty routine was like and I found it. Here is her full beauty routine culled from an interview with Into The Gloss:

I’ve tried every beauty product ever. I’m not really one of those people who sticks specifically to a brand, but I’ve used everything from Dermalogica, to Liz Earle, to Eve Lom—I find that changing it up helps my skin. But I have favorite moisturizers: I love Kiehl’s, the classic facial moisturizer, and I use that as a night cream as opposed to a day cream because I’ve got oily skin. I use a lot of Becca makeup—they originally started in Australia, but they’ve now gained traction in London. They’re beautiful, beautiful makeup products, and that’s the only makeup I wear on my face.

This lipstick is YSL Rouge Volupté. I have a few of these colors, ‘cause they’re just so great. They’re beautiful-looking, as well; they’re a great little accessory. Lipsticks are my favorite thing in makeup. So, I wear a lot of MAC, ‘cause obviously MAC has hundreds of colors. There’s a color, So Chaud, which is an orange red, that I’m really into right now because it’s more modern than a classic red. I mean, I think everyone has a Ruby Woo somewhere in their makeup bag. I also like the Russian Red and the classic MAC Red, but the So Chaud has a lot of orange in there.

I agree with her, I think every woman should have a Ruby Woo lipstick in their makeup bag if they don’t already have one. MAC does amazing lipsticks and you are sure to find colours to love in their large lipstick collection but the Ruby Woo is the boss in my eyes for now.


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