Female Body Shapes: The Balcony Shaped Woman


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This week is all about the Balcony shaped woman. This woman has narrow hips and a full bust so the upper body stands out. This is an extremely rare body shape to have naturally but it is quite common in today’s celebrity world. The Balcony shape is also known as the Strawberry body shape Someone once asked why are women disappearing? He will need to ask the likes of Katie Price, Chloe Sims, Wendy Williams, Dolly Parton and Elizabeth Hurley.


It usually takes surgery, iron will and determination to have a Balcony shape and it is quickly becoming a must-have body shape thanks to the famous celebrities.

Here are the DOs and the DONTs for the Balcony shaped woman:


  1. Be prepared to sacrifice the tasty desserts and that piece of chocolate cake.
  2. Wear sunnies as often as you can. They will draw attention away from your breasts.
  3. Go for bias-cut dresses to show off the fullness of your breast and your narrow hips.
  4. Fuller skirts and wide leg trousers will balance out the shape beautifully.

Katie Price



  1. Avoid wearing skinny jeans and flats shoes. This draws attention to your bust.
  2. Avoid double-breasted outfits, your are already double-breasted!
  3. Shoulder pads and tapering trousers are to be avoided.
  4. Avoid halter-neck pieces as well.

What do you think of this bodyshape? Is it must-have for you? Speak your heart, don’t bite your tongue.









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  1. I think if it’s natural then great, it’s gorgeous and usually suits the person. I think if it’s surgically achieved or via stricter methods then sometimes it can look out of place, it isn’t suited to every frame or person.

    Great post again, your tips are fabulous!

    X X

  2. I think if it’s natural then great, it’s gorgeous and usually suits them. However, if it’s surgically achieved or via stricter methods it sometimes looks out of place, it doesn’t suit every frame or every person.

    Great post, your tips are fabulous!

    X X

  3. I am not a fan , however my mom would have been consider this shape. She was a stick to begin with but after having my sister and I she developed and had a very large chest for many years. She didn’t have much tummy. Flash forward after having a breast reduction , she is still all legs and her breast are the still biggest but she has a pouch.

  4. ‘…speak your heart, don’t bite your tongue, don’t get it twisted, I’ve got issues, you’ve got isues”, Ok, got Aaliyah on my mind. Now back to your post- this body shape is not for me as most of the time its artificially got and Mama Don’t Have No Time For That! It also screams at me- Hello Back pain! having said that I think a lot of the time, Wendy Williams does well in dressing for this shape. Its a mighty tough shape to pull off, so many innocent tops can get ultra-sexualised…you are constantly walking the line between ‘ho and erm, ‘not ‘ho’…

  5. I don’t think I could ever look like that even if I tried, nor would I want to. Look forward to catching up on the other posts in the series.

  6. I have a 32F bust and 25inc waist (all natural) but i would say i am hour glass because my hips are 32! Having large breasts is a pain lol would rather have a small cup, clothes hang better i think!!

  7. I am sure I already commeneted on here as I do remember this post 🙂 maybe just didnt go through? anyways, dolly parton never been my tgype of woman, I know as bad it sound but i do preffer skinny woman, not too skinny- not model but too large boobs and but its just too much and its more a fetish than a woman style 🙁

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