Beauty Muse – Solange

The stylish Solange is not only a Style Icon, she is also a Beauty Muse. This woman is always steps ahead of any fashion or beauty trend. She is a force to reckon with in the fashion and beauty industry. She is a trendsetter and my Muse.


I love the fact that Solange is so confident, confident enough to play with her looks and she nails every look. She inspires me to step outside my comfort zone and try various beauty products and looks. She is the coolest kid on the block.



I love the fact that she does not have the regular next door beauty, she dared to be different and she stands out from the rest. She has the most beautiful, and natural hair I have ever seen and she knows it. Solange is a breath of fresh air.

Here is what she told Elle about skin and hair care routine:

“I use a really great line; it’s called Epicuren. I had breakouts and I did everything you could think of and then I just stopped doing everything and then my skin just started getting better and better. So, I do that, and I’m really adamant about my sleep that’s the one thing, if you ask anyone who knows me I’m like I must have 10 hours of sleep.

Lately I’ve been really relying on coconut oil. I actually just go to the grocery store and buy organic coconut oil and put it on before, during, and after I shampoo. I let it air dry. Sometimes I blow it out with low heat. Sometimes I’ll twist it and take out the twists the next day.”


Coconut Oil is apparently the holy grail of beauty and hair so I am looking forward to trying out a sample I have recently received. Maybe I can get my hair to grow as long and shine like Solange’s.

What do you think of Solange as a Beauty Muse?



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  1. I love her hair. Oh yes I love coconut oil, it is very handy. It is good for the hair, skin and great for cooking too. I use it daily as part of my beauty therapy.

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  3. She is beautiful and it’s nice for someone to do what they want rather than what they’re expected to do. I have coconut oil but I use it in cooking and haven’t tried it on my hair/ face so I might have to give it a try. x

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