Alexa Chung Covers Glamour Magazine UK April 2016


This cover is all shades of amazing, like really. Glamour got this April 2016 cover so right this time. The lovely Alexa Chung is the cover girl for this issue, and she looks divine on it. I am loving the pink background, it is so girly and pretty. Her green Gucci bomber jacket is so stylish, and the Fishnet tights, she has on, is sure to catch any eye. Underneath she has on an Archive by Alexa knit, a piece from her new 31-piece collection with M&S.

I have always been interested in Alexa Chung. I find her very fascinating, so I am eager to get my hands on this issue. Alexa Chung is like a fashion goddess, she knows her onions as far as style is concerned and I envy her wardrobe. I wish I could take a sneak peek into her wardrobe, I am sure I will be mesmerized.


In this issue, Alexa talks about the struggles of dating, what she really thinks about Donald Trump, and the irony of being labelled a style icon. I find it funny that she does not see herself as stylish. I guess that is what I find interesting about her, she doesn’t see what we see.

Enough of Alexa now, I am also very interested in reading about Ella Woodward, the blogger behind the very successful blog – Deliciously Ella. She is also the author of the fastest-selling cookbook debut of all time. Ella invited GLAMOUR Associate editor – James around to her West London kitchen to cook up an easy, week night supper that literally takes a couple of minutes. I am certain the thousands of food bloggers out there will be grabbing a copy of this issue. I like to know what makes successful people tick, as you know by now, so buying this issue is a no brainer really.

Will you be buying a copy of this issue? Sound off in the comments section please.

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  1. I got the mag this month because of the Balance Me product you get free with it. I’m afraid I’ve never liked Alexa Chung. I’m not keen on her style and she’s incredibly skinny. Surely though she must see herself as being stylish? A little bit of self-diplomacy at play there, me thinks. Tx

  2. Can I be honest, Alexa is someone who back in her T4 days slightly grated on my nerves and after much shoving of her down my throat by the media, I dont mind her so much….I dont knock her hussle, she’s very pretty, bla bla bla good for her, but she just doesnt do it for me! x

  3. Aaand I have to add, those pink ‘cobweb gone wrong’ tights are about the ugliest things I’ve seen today, I understand the stylist was experimenting but if Alexa’s legs cant do them justice, how are mere mortals supposed to rock it? Wink!

  4. I love Alexa! This looks like an issue I’m definitely going to have to get. I adore how she’s styled, those little burnt orange ballet shoes are so pretty

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