6 Tips on Working with Other Bloggers

6 Tips on Working with Other Bloggers

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Blogging is a very social job or hobby as the case may be. You don’t have to be a social butterfly in real life, but you will need to be as social as possible online, for you to succeed as a blogger. As an introvert, I initially struggled with this reality. I enjoy the company of people I have a good rapport with, but sometimes I just want to be by myself (which is why I can’t be bothered with blog events most of the time). I get my energy by spending time alone. In fact, I strive in isolation, it still amazes me what I get done in a matter of minutes when I am alone.

However, I have learnt overtime that I need to come out of my comfort zone with regards to socializing online, and I have. I hosted my very own Twitter party some months ago, I have joined a couple of Facebook groups, and I am engaging a lot more on my social media channels, especially on Twitter and Instagram.

Since I have started being more social and active online, I have seen my blog and social media platforms grow. I have met some amazing bloggers, and got to read some great blogs. I have also learnt a lot more about the blogging industry as a whole. I have achieved so much more as a result of the relationship I have with other bloggers. Fashion and Style Police won’t be where it is today without my readers, many of which are bloggers.

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The blogosphere is now so huge, with a new blog popping up every minute. It is a huge community, every smart blogger should be making the most of it. I don’t see other bloggers as rivals, I see them as colleagues and I am happy to offer some blog-loving every now and again, in return for nothing.

Every blogger, no matter how long they have been blogging for, sees their blog as special, if not they won’t be blogging. Majority of us bloggers also want to be accepted and liked by fellow bloggers within or outside our blog niche. So it amazes me that quite a number of bloggers do not know how to work with fellow bloggers.

Well, if you are wondering how you could help a fellow blogger, you are reading the right post. Here are some tips:


Be Nice/Polite

I see a lot of bloggers being so rude to other bloggers and passing derogatory comments around, like being nasty is part and parcel of being a blogger, and I am like, really? To exceed in any business, you have to be respectful and nice. It pays to be nice. If anything, it brings good karma. Be nice.


Do Not Believe your Own Hype

Now many bloggers believe their own hype and I kind of see where they are coming from. You have to believe your ow hype to stand out from the rest, the blogging community is filled up with alls sorts of talent, it is hard work standing out so I guess you have to hype yourself to get notice. However, what annoys me is seeing a lot of ‘big’ bloggers or small bloggers that think they have arrived, looking down on smaller bloggers just because they feel they are not worth their time or effort. I find this really annoying because every blogger, regardless of their social following or blog readers, passed through that new stage, and the truth of the matter is, many blog readers are bloggers. So when I see bloggers believing their own hype, it makes me laugh out loud, because the ‘small’ blogger they are ignoring today may be the Zoella next year, who knows….


Do not Copy

Do not copy a blog post or a blog post idea, no matter how ‘inspired’ you are. Every blogger puts in a lot of thought and work into a blog post, and for you to just blatantly steal it is just wrong. Many bloggers think about the same ideas around the same time, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. The fact that you thought of an idea first and wrote it, does not mean other bloggers have not thought of the same idea, and planned a similar post theme. The cool thing about this issue is, it is very easy to tell if a blog post is copied from another blog when looking at both posts.

Link Back

If you are inspired by a blog post, or a blogger’s review or outfit, mention that on your blog and link back to the blog you got the inspiration from. If you like a blogger’s picture, and you want to include that photo in a blog post, remember to link back. Give credit to whom credit is due.


Guest Post

I currently do not accept guest posts from other bloggers but I know many bloggers who do. Ask around within your niche, and start guest posting to increase your blog’s back links and gain new readers. Guest posting is a great way to grow your blog and work with bloggers.


Spread the Love

Read other blogs, share blog posts you like, leave a thougthful comment, follow like minds,  and just engage with other bloggers. Do not be afraid to start off a conversation. Spread the love, life is too short!


So there you have it, my 6 tips on working with other bloggers. These tips have worked for me, and I am sue they would work for you.

Feel free to add yours in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead.


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