Product Review/Swatches – NYX & Barry M Lipsticks

Hey peeps. I finally decided to try some drug store lipsticks. I know I have talked about doing this for sometime now, so I popped into my local Boots, and had a good look around, then finally settled on a NYX Matte Indie Flick Lipstick and a Barry M Lip Stain Paint in Eternal Coral.

NYX Lipstick Image


NYX Matte Indie Flick Lipstick

This is my first time trying a NYX lipstick.  I have heard quite  a lot about the NYX makeup range, and seen a lot of YouTube reviews and blog pots about the brand, so I knew I had to try it for myself. I must confess the price put me off at a first, it goes for £6.50, and I am use to spending £15 and over for 1 lipstick, so I thought this won’t be good enough, but I am happy to announce that I was pleasantly surprised.

Here is what NYX has to say about their lipsticks:

NYX Matte Lipsticks are highly pigmented richly formulated and long-wearing. The formula glides on smoothly and stays put with a non-drying matte finish.

NYX Lipstick Image

NYX Indie Flick Lipstick Image

Here are my thoughts:


  1. I love the colour a lot. It is perfect for summer.
  2. It is so matte, but doesn’t dry out my lips like other matte lipsticks.
  3. It is a great price for the quality of lipstick.
  4. It is long-lasting, even without a lip primer. It stayed on for hours.
  5. I love the cute packaging, with the see through plastic. I think it is so cute.

NYX Indie Flick Swatch



I LOVE this lipstick. I think I am sold on anything NYX now, let’s see.


Barry M Lip Paint Eternal Coral

This is my first time trying a Barry M lipstick. I have heard and seen a lot of Barry M makeup in stores, but like my previous issue with NYX, the price was my issue. I struggled to believe a £4.49 Barry M lipstick would be as good as a £15.50 MAC lipstick, so I never bothered with them until now.

Here is what Barry M has to say about their lipsticks:

New Stain Paint provides a rich velvet matte finish for long, long, long-lasting colour. Available in three amazingly long-lasting lip staining shades, discover Barry M’s new LipStains in their shining new silver packs – Absolute Burgundy, Eternal Coral and Infinite Pink.

Barry M Lip Stain Paint

Barry M Lipstick Swatch Image


Here are my thoughts:


  1. I love the Eternal Coral shade. It is so different from all my other lipsticks.
  2. It is super affordable.
  3. It moisturises the lips perfectly.

Barry M Eternal Coral Stain



  1. It has more of a butter finish than matte finish.
  2. I am a matte kind of girl, and this lipstick is not matte enough for me.
  3. The colour is a little too light for my liking. I had to apply and reapply quite a few times, to get the colour to pop out.

Overall, I will recommend both lipsticks. For the price you pay, they are really worth it, especially the NYX lipstick. I will definitely be buying that again and shopping more from the brand.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? What do you think of them? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

61 responses

  1. I haven’t tried NYX yet, but I actually liked how the lipstick seemed rather light. I’m not a massive fan of heavy colours, so I’ll need to try this! Please do more reviews like this.

  2. I haven’t tried NYX lipstick before but I must say the colours are beautiful. I am really in love with the first colour. Need one

  3. I love NYX products, they are so good and this lipstick looks great on you! I’ve got a Barry M lipstick that’s actually really opaque and bright (the ones that come in the pink tubes) maybe try one of them and see how you get on, they would probably be more what you’re looking for… It isn’t matte but it also isn’t one of them glossy lipsticks! Also the new Avon Matte ones are good too, colours really stand out so if you like mattes yet again you might like them. I reviewed them the other day if you wanted to look at swatches xx

  4. The more and more I branch out to the more ‘budget’ make up brands, the more and more I am surprised at how good they are! Will be looking into this. Great post.

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