Karlie Kloss Covers Glamour Magazine May 2016


The stunning 23-year-old supermodel – Karlie Kloss, is on the cover of Glamour Magazine May 2016 and this is her first ever Glamour cover. I find this cover just OK. It looks good but not great compared to other magazine covers for May. However I love her simple makeup, she looks so beautiful.

I don’t really know much about Karlie, apart from the fact that she models and I think she is BFFs with Taylor Swift, so I may be tempted to grab a copy of this issue. I would love to know more about her, I think.

With over 4.3million Instagram followers and an equally impressive 1.09million Twitter fans, Karlie Kloss is quite popular on social media, and as a blogger, I spend quite a crazy amount of time online, so I would like to know how she grew her following, and how she became so successful. I find success stories quite inspiring.

However, Karlie was not always so popular:

“I was absolutely and totally not popular with the boys – partly because I was so good in terms of academics and ballet, but also because I didn’t have time to waste on boys.  I did get teased a lot though, because I was so tall and skinny.”

I wonder if her bullies can see her now..


This second pose is super fierce, I love it. The endless legs, sitting on the edge of a stool, looking on, is everything.


Some of the features on the cover also look quite promising like – The fashionable labels only fashion editors know, Nothing to wear, 572 looks, and My mum is better at Tinder than me.

This issue lands on the newsstands on April 7th. Will you be buying? What do you think of the cover?

Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

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32 responses

  1. They could’ve gotten more out of it for the cover I think…it’s a bit too much ‘girl next door’ to be on a magazine called ‘glamour’ 🙂

  2. Karlie looks fantastic. She has a figure to die for. The background cover though is awful. It is very wishy washy. Good job Karlie can hold the cover as the background is not good. The background is bland and boring.

  3. She’s a very stunning girl and it’s nice to see someone who doesn’t have all their bones on show. Think the fashion industry has realised that’s not what women want to see

  4. She look beautiful on the cover but I agree with you on thats it ok. Nothing makes me want to pick up this issue and I do find Karlie Kloss to be a great model. I’m surprised that this is her first cover for Glamour mag.

    xo, jackie

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