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My bedroom is my little sanctuary. I like to retreat to my little sanctuary when I need my sleep, or to relax. So I like my bedroom to look nice and chilled. I pay attention to my bedding and bedroom furniture. I have lost count of the number of bedding sets I own at the moment. I like my bedding smelling fresh and clean, so I change them quite regularly. I even got a bedding spray recently while holidaying in Amsterdam, and I have fallen in love with the fragrance.  There is nothing not to like. Show me someone who doesn’t like the smell of clean sheets?

I am currently lusting after a few pretty things for my bedroom. I have been snooping online like I always do and I am happy to see most stores have the summer sale going on at the moment so this is the perfect time to shop. Here are some of the items I am loving at the moment.


Fleurie Platform Valance £59.99 £39.99

Yorkshire Linen Image

This Fleurie Platform Valance bedding set by Yorkshire Linen is a true beauty. It look so posh and out of this world. I love the beautiful shade of gold. It is timeless and very elegant. It would look amazing in my bedroom and as this best part of it, is that it currently on sale, with a lighter price tag of £39.99. I can see myself buying this high quality bedding on Yorkshire Linen‘s website easily.

Faux Mohair Throw £20


This Faux Mohair Throw by Matalan will be a nice bedroom addition. And it would look amazingly beautifully paired with the Fleurie Platform Valance set above. I love the rose gold colour. And it looks like a soft, comfy throw to have around. At just £20, I see myself grabbing this too.


Debenhams White Pillow Top Duck Down Mattress Topper £100 – £185 £90 – £166.50

I see mattress toppers as bedroom essentials. They make the bed so comfortable. I recently came across this White Pillow Top Duck Down Mattress Topper by Debenhams, and I think I will be needing it. It is quite pricey but I believe it will be worth the price tag. It looks so good and I bet it will be quality stuff.


Sky Tv


Now I have never had a TV in my room but I think I want 1 now, even though our living room is just across the bedroom. Having SKY TV in our room would mean I would be able to watch some TV from the comfort of my bed on a big screen. That would be so cool! Do you agree?

What are your bedroom essentials? Sound off in the comment section please.


*This is a collaborative post.



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  1. Love the sheets. My kind of thing. Love anything for the home. The sheets look so soft, the colours are warm and feel summery. Definitely wanna sleep on that bed.

  2. I love my bedroom. Planning to do it up again in the next year which will include it being re-plastered so will have to move into the spare room whilst its being done. Eek! A big job. It will be worth it in the end

  3. We don’t have a tv in our room either, the husband doesn’t approve. I used to have one though when I was single 😉 I love bed linen – it’s one of my small joys! 🙂 Love your list. x

  4. We recently did our bedroom – it’s white and duck egg! I love the bedding I got from Laura Ashley (also duck egg!) We do have a TV in our room, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but we like it!! The mattress topper is essential I agree!!

  5. I love nice bedding sets, although I have not been using them in this warmer weather. I can not wait until I move and can make my room all cosy and relaxing, at the moment my one year old son is still in my bedroom xx

  6. I really love the bed set and the throw. They are beautiful and my kind of bedroom essentials. I love a well laid bed with beautiful beddings and a nice flat screen is not a bad idea at all. Watch your movies especially in the night with a cup of tea. Your blog is fantastic and juicy.

  7. I really want to totally redo my bedroom – the only thing I like in it is the bed frame! I love the bedding set – it’s gorgeous

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