How to Effectively Tighten Your Skin

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One question that enters everyone’s mind at some point or another (I know it enters mine quite regularly) is what is the most effective way to tighten skin? Well, there is no right or wrong answer that is the same for every person. The truth of the matter is that what is right or wrong for you might be the reverse for someone else. But luckily there are so many different skin treatments to choose from that almost any skin problem can be addressed and cleared up, if you pick the right way to control or cure it.

Facelifts Are One Answer, But Not the Only Answer
When you start to see sagging skin, your immediate thought might be that you need a facelift. But think again. There are extreme cases where a facelift might be necessary, but it shouldn’t be the first thing you think of. There’s no reason to put your body or mind through the stress of anesthesia and surgery unless you have to. That being said, a facelift is a fairly long-term solution for severe sags.

Having a Peel Procedure Done at a Clinic
One thing you can do for moderate skin sagging, especially on your face, is to have a peel done at a clinic or spa. There are several types of peels and peel-like procedures. One is the chemical peel. Another is microdermabrasion, which technically isn’t a peel, but it acts in the same way. That is that it gets rid of debris and dead skin cells on the surface and lets a healthier layer of skin below show through. There are also cosmetic skincare machines that incorporate lasers to perform peels.

Other Types of Laser Skin Procedures
Lasers that are used to do peel-like procedures are known as ablative lasers. However, there are also other varieties of lasers, such as non-ablative and fractional lasers. Some of them can attack wrinkles and skin sags by treating lower layers of skin instead of the surface. If you have such a treatment, your body should respond by making more collagen and elastin, which will heal the skin over time. You might not notice a difference right away, but your skin should start to look better over the course of days or weeks.

Prevention and Clearing Skin Problems Up as They Start
There’s no reason why you have to wait until skin problems get moderate or severe before you treat them. In fact, you should treat them early if you can. There are many lotions on today’s market that you can use to deliver nutrients, vitamins, and hydration to your skin cells. There are also plenty of mild treatments like ultrasound and IPL (intense pulsed light) you can use to get rid of small wrinkles and imperfections before they get out of control.

Preventing skin problems before they happen is always good, but you might find yourself needing help even if your daily skincare routine is great. If so, the bottom line is that you have to balance your skin type, treatment needs, and budget to come up with a solution. Other factors include your skin color, level of dryness or oiliness, and any disorders you may have, such as rosacea. You should also consider whether you want to see results right away or don’t mind a more gradual improvement. Your dermatologist, clinician, or regular doctor should be able to help you decide which treatments are best or worst for your skin.

What do you think? Do you have any tips to share? Sound off in the comment section please.

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  1. A subject close to my heart and a great post Stella. I use a home face peel and daily yoga facial exercises. These can be found by googling it.

    No cost no recovery and once your in the swing of them it will be an automatic part of your daily routine. I have been doing them for ten years.

    Caught a program on This Morning about them and was hooked. You can make them as quick or long as you want even catching up with them in front of the tv on a night if you haven’t had time or forgot that day.

    As you say a regular skin routine, facials even homemade ones are also important.

    Loved this post

  2. Thankfully I am not at a stage where I need to worry about tightening my skin but thanks for sharing some good ideas if I ever need to consider it 🙂

  3. I go through fits and starts, at the moment I’m into Bioderma. I prefer just to stick to a cleanse, tone, moisturise routine. I wouldn’t try cosmetic treatments – skins way too sensitive, and some how people to look a little odd. I’m going to age gracefully!

  4. This is really interesting to read – I really need to sort myself a skin care routine out as I like the idea of prevention, or sorting things our early. I am not sure I would be brave enough to have a face lift!

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