Would you Still Use Your Hairdresser if They Weren’t Insured



Diane was a renowned hairdresser in Slough, everybody loved to go to her beauty shop for the most beautiful hair tints. From beach blonde sun streaks to locks with deep purple tinges, she was a maven with hair colours. One day, an apprentice accidentally used the wrong shampoo on a customer’s hair. The woman who usually preferred organic products, had an immediate reaction to the synthetic dye; it was a complete disaster.  Unfortunately for Diane, she had no form of insurance cover. The customer was left to pay for her own medical bills and is now considering a lawsuit for negligence.

Diane may be an expert, but professional negligence is almost unforgiveable. As a customer would you still patronise a beauty salon without hairdresser insurance?

When you visit a new salon for the first time, it is advisable to inquire from the owner whether they have insurance cover in place. Otherwise, you may be having hair treatments done at your own risk.

For hairdressers, it is imperative to protect your customers and your business by taking a number of insurance coverages available.
Here are some shop insurance covers for Hairdressers and Barbers:

You can get a standard business insurance policy, which includes public liability, employer’s liability and professional indemnity. As a hairdressing salon owner, you shouldn’t have to get blanket cover because another store is doing so.

No two salons are the same.Some providers offer specific shop insurance coverage.

1.    General Liability Insurance

This is an important policy for hairdressing salons and shop owners for the products sold and the nature of the environment you operate in. There is likelihood of risk exposure you should be prepared to handle. It covers your customers too. Some examples include:
–    “Slip and Fall” Insurance
–    Products Liability
–    Personal Injury


2.    Commercial Property Insurance

This is often a requirement for hairdressing salon owners, usually by their landlord or financer of the business. It covers property damage on your business premises.
–    Furnishings
–    Equipment
–    Tools
–    Products


3.    Professional Liability Insurance

This insurance protects business owners from third-party claims related to their professional services. For example, if something goes wrong at your salon, like a professional blunder or act of negligence – you can make a claim for professional liability.

4.    Employers Liability Insurance

You can’t guarantee the professionalism or precautionary practices of your employees every time, so an employer’s liability insurance protects you from any incident.
Does your Hairdresser have an insurance cover? What would you do if you were Diane?



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  1. I never really think about it to be honest, even when hairdressers have wrecked my hair I still seem to smile and say Lovely!

  2. Same as the comment above, I’ve never thought about it either. Although to be fair my hairdresser is the organised-very-responsible type of business woman and I can imagine that she is insured. Would be a bit embarrassed though to ask her 😉

  3. I would still use mine but then again I am married to him! I’ve been the victim when hair colouring goes wrong though and its not good. Any small businesses are crazy not to get public liability insurance.

  4. I rarely go to the hairdresser since I’ve had dreadlocks for the last seven years, and when I did the last thing on my mind was hairdresser insurance. You have opened my eyes to the importance of protecting the stylist and the customer. I’ll be passing this post along to some friends. Thanks, Stella 🙂

  5. Blimey I would have never even given it a second thought but if you are in any kind of business, you need to have insurance to cover that sort of thing as you never know what might happen.

  6. omg, I never through about this but I have a friend who suffered an allergy and they tried to go to Court but at the end nothing happened…anyway I do almost all my treatments at home, I love it! 🙂

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