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Blogging is one of the cheapest businesses to set off. You don’t need much really; a domain and a minimal theme and you are good to go. But there are some gadgets you would be needing if you plan on taking your blog to another level. You won’t need to spend a lot of money because you may already a few of these gadgets already.

Here are the top 5 gadgets every blogger may need:


Having a laptop and iPad is essential to blogging for me. I do most of my blogging work on my laptop, but I use my iPad a lot when I am on the move or when I am too lazy to go on my laptop. Because I take my Laptop and iPad everywhere I go, so I can work, I like to have it protected. I use a cool custom-made skin made by the lovely people at CaseApp, and I will be telling you guys all about the fab skin in the next few days. I will also be giving away a discount code, so lookout for that post.

Back to the gadgets, I have always had a laptop and iPad so I didn’t buy them specially for blogging, but now that I blog and work from home fulltime, they have become even more useful. I would be lost without them and it would be very hard to blog without having at least 1 of them.



I had a point and shoot Fujifilm camera before I started blogging. So it automatically became my first blogging camera. I used it for a few months before upgrading to another Fujifilm point and shoot camera, which was a better model. I finally got a Canon DSLR about a year ago, and it is the best. I would strongly advise any blogger especially Fashion and Beauty Bloggers, to go for a DSLR straight away. The difference in the quality of pictures is gobsmaking, trust me.


Memory Card

If you take a lot of photos like I do, then you will be needing a memory card with a huge storage. It is better to have just 1 big memory card, than to have 3/4 memory cards with tiny storage.



I finally joined the iPhone family this year, since I decided I have had enough of having a Blackberry and that was a fab decision for my blogging career. Having an iPhone means I can update my Instagram a lot quicker and it means I can take better photos on my phone. The quality of the camera on my iPhone 6s is unreal. I think it is the best mobile phone camera I have ever had. I know it sounds vain but I can take more discreet photos of my meals or anything I choose to photograph, when I am out and about.


Tripod, Selfie Stick & Photo Props

I blogged successfully for over 3 years without a Tripod but having one has made my life a lot easier. It is so easy to take a photo when I am alone now.

I have just bought myself a Selfie Stick and I think it is definitely another gadget worth having as a blogger.

Photo props are essentials for me because I like to make my photos pretty as much as I can. I got a mini white fluffy carpet from IKEA some months ago and I have found it very useful so far. I also have a few wall papers and tiles I use as photo props. I got them free as samples at Wilkinson and B&Q, so it is worth checking your local home stores to see what you can get.


What gadgets can you not live without as a blogger?

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  1. I can relate with all the tools, and I know its not easy too because not everyone is financially capable to own all these days, Iphone , Ipad, well, sometimes I believe u can fake it till you make it. Iphone 6s is good but if u dnt v enough means, buying an affordable android phone is easy peasy. This post just reminded me of my spoilt NikonD40…Girl, m looking to get a new one, which would u recommend, Nikon or Canon?

  2. I wrote a similar post recently as I find it so interesting to hear what everyone else uses. I actually haven’t used my DSLR much since I bought my Canon G7x, the latter does everything I need!

  3. All of these things are deffinate must. I’d be lost without my camera!! I am trying to “up” my photo props now. I need a fluffy white carpet from IKEA!! I wish we had an IKEA near by. Great post, very helpful tips.

  4. Yes, all of them! Especially the wallpaper, I have a few samples I’ve picked up along the way. Plus I’ve even covered canvasses with marble & brick effect sticky back plastic to create portable backgrounds too

  5. I can’t live without my MacBook pro. When I had it serviced a few weeks ago, I felt as if my other arm was cut off! I used my husband’s desktop and it just felt wrong. x

  6. Not quite blogger as you know Stella. I’m a comper. I need all of those also.

    The mobile camera is so important for snapping pics of all sorts to cakes I bake, nice meals, places we go, coffess in coffee shops and so on. You can get asked for some crazy pics too. LOL.

    I think the craziest one was to send in a pic wearing your face mask or face peel for skin products. That was so funny and good too. Those with things to do get less entries so always worth it.

    Great read Stella as always

  7. You are a pro for taking you own photos. Honestly, I couldn’t figure it out ☺
    I am hopeful to be able to try again soon. Maybe I was trying at a wrong time; windy winter.
    Great selection of what to have.
    Take care.

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