4 Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

I see many ‘fashionistas’ walking around in outfits they have no business wearing and I find it quite funny sometimes. It makes me wonder if they took a good look at themselves in a mirror before leaving the house. Some fashion mistakes truly make me cringe and I usually have to stop myself from letting the shock of the outfit show on my face. It can be quite hard on some days.

Here are the top 4 Fashion Faux Pas to avoid:


Animal Print Overload

Wearing Animal Print pieces from head to toe is a common fashion faux pas, and I wonder why. It is one fashion mistake you should avoid making except you are Cookie.

I love wearing Animal Prints. I think they are edgy and stylish, and I find them so easy to style. The best way to style animal print pieces is to wear 1/2 animal print pieces and pacify them with plain pieces like I have done below.

Leopard Print Outfit Picture

Nothing Clothing Company Poncho


Visible Bra Steps

Visible bra steps are a no-no for me except they are deliberately visible. I see so many women walking around with visible straps, and some wear pieces that cling so bad, I cam actually see the outline of the bra. Some do not wear bras altogether, and they walk around with visible nipples. This is a fashion no-no. It looks horribly wrong, it makes me wonder why? A great outfit can be ruined by visible underwear.

I am not a fan of this trend, but there are many ways to stylishly show off your bras, if that is your intention.

There should be no reason to show off your nipples.

Go for bras in different designs, so you have the right bras for various outfits.


Too-Tight Clothing

Clothes that look too tight a Fashion Faux Pas. Get measured and go for the clothes that fit correctly. Tight clothes look so wrong.


Creased-up Mess

Clothes do not look good wrinkled so make use of a good steam iron. If you are like me and you hate ironing or you are not good at it, go for pieces made from fabrics that do not crease as much.


What do you think of these 4 Fashion Faux Pas? Are you guilty of any one?

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  1. Visible bra straps is my biggest bug bear! I just cant bear it! The worst is when I see somebody wearing a strapless top, with a bra!! Aghh, my eyes!! I have a drawer full of bras in every colour, in every style just so I can avoid this at all costs, so many bras now do multiway, there’s really no excuse!!

  2. I completely agree with the animal print. Less is more. Every time! To be honest, I’m not a fan of animal print pieces but when discreet, it can have an nice effect. I’m not too bothered by bra straps, but I wouldn’t wear clothes that are too small either!

  3. These are good tips. I think people can overdo patterns and prints at times and I agree with the creases. 🙂 Angela

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  5. I don’t like visible bra straps however I really don’t have a choice – I wear a 40N bra and struggle to get those – there isn’t any such thing as a strapless or multiway in my size. The other problem is that my straps have to be so much wider to distribute the weight. These end up showing in nearly everything 🙁

  6. Personally I think that showing bra straps is sometimes a necessity! I have pretty big breasts and there’s just no such thing as fashion friendly bras that give you the support you need!

  7. One of the difficulties us older women have is that bra’s dig into our softer skin (actually clothes do in general) so even a good fitting top can end up sinking into the soft pillows of flesh caused by aging

  8. I have to agree with these, seeing bra straps is so annoying! Why people wear clothes that are too tight is beyond me, just get a bigger size, you’ll feel more comfortable and look so much better

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