How Brows Became the Beauty Obsession of the Decade



I’ve noticed a lot of news and tutorials about how to groom your eyebrows. It’s interesting how so many women are growing extremely conscious of their eyebrows. Thank you Cara Delevingne. I’ve even read an article that women can spend an average of £200million a year in eyebrow grooming alone! Can you imagine that?
Now we have eyebrow transplants to add some hair to the scanty eyebrows. There’s also something called mircoblading which is a process that resembles tattooing hair; like strokes that resemble hair on your eyebrow. That’s only part of it! How about the pencils, colours, gels, brushes and treatments specially made for eyebrows? There are even many makeup artists who specialize in eyebrows only!
But what is with this craze for perfect” eyebrows? Why are women willing to spend so much to get their eyebrows right?


A Fashion Statement

I think it is because there are the new fashion statement. A show me your brows, and I tell you who you are sort of thread.

Brows Define the Face
Our eyebrows define our face, and can enhance our beauty when done properly. Eyebrows play a prominent role when it comes to enhancing your beauty. A flawless looking face will always be put off-balance if the eyebrows are not done well.
Brows Are A Reflection of the Current Fashion Trends
Eyebrows have evolved over time.  Each era has a unique set of eyebrows to match. For example, in the 20’s pencil thin eyebrows were considered popular. Currently, bolder eyebrows seem to be the hottest trend.
It is just like the same way everyone wants to make sure they stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends when it comes to clothing items. Since eyebrows play a prominent role in our appearance, it’s only “logical” to stay in tuned with the current trends. And since no one wants to be left out, the obsession with eyebrows will continue as long as the thread continues.
Brows are a sign of femininity
One of the facial features that usually set us apart from men is the fine arch of our eyebrows. Maintaining your eyebrows is a way to accentuate your feminine side. Having bushy eyebrows (something usually associated with men) may make you feel/look less feminine.
It actually has an impact on the way people see you. Sometimes it defines your type of person. Some women have been criticized for the way they maintain their eyebrows, especially those with full eyebrows and those with very thin eyebrows.
Brows are a means of expression
You know how you instinctively raise your eyebrows when you’re surprised? Or how they come closer together in the centre when you’re angry?
Eyebrows can powerfully convey your emotions. For this reason, when we want to decode one’s facial expressions, we have the tendency to pay attention to their eyes/eyebrows.

I think the brow obsession will continue for at least another decade. I won’t say I am obsessed with my eyebrows, I would say I am very much in love with them and I like to see them well-groomed. What do you think? Are you obsessed with your eyebrows?

Sound off in the comment section please.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I recently got a brow shape and tine for the first time. I guess I’d always neglected my brows because they are so sparse I didn’t think much could be done – how wrong was I?! Made a huge difference and now every 5-6 weeks, need to get them done again, haha!

    Sarah xx

  2. Not obsessed with mine, but would love to know how to groom them properly without looking like I’m in a permanent state of fright like some women look after over-doing them 😉

  3. I love to see all the beautiful brows around. I am to scared to have mine done in case they do not suit me and my age, I really feel old fashioned when I go out though, ad my brows are all boring 🙂

  4. I have always been completely obsessed with mine and that they are well groomed. I was a 70’s teen too. The eyebrows then ”were what eyebrows” as the look was to shave them all off. Total opposite to the 80’s when it went to the other extreme. Consequently alot of women of my age have to spend more on their eyebrows as alot of us didn’t have eyebrows that grew back well.

    I am very fair complexion. My natural eyebrows are fair too. I have yearly micro-blading/or as I knew it ”cosmetic tattooing” of my eyebrows. I first had it done 5 years ago. Now I have it topped up once a year at a £100 a year which is very little. It’s less than £2 per week.

    I then just use a liquid eyebrow gel to keep them defined. I cannot stand any hair that shouldn’t be their on my eyebrows so I check them daily.

    I also have monthly whole of face threading (works out cheaper in the long run) however still have to keep on top of my eyebrows in the month. No stragglers happening with me

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