Why is Fashion So Obsessed with the Old Trends

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I always keep an eye out for new trends in fashion. Compared to the styles that were available since the time I’ve been running Fashion & Style Police, what is termed “fashionable” has evolved so much. Despite the remarkable changes in fashion, I couldn’t help but notice how old trends and styles kept coming back.
History does have a way of repeating itself and fashion was not left out in this. But why? Aren’t we in the modern age? Why do old trends have to creep into the fashion scene and on the runaways again and again? Don’t get me wrong! I do love the baby doll dress from the 60s which inspired the empire waists and the denim jackets, crop tops and animal prints from the 80s. Even the most loved skinny jeans are an evidence of the presence of old trends in today’s fashion. What I want to know is why fashion keeps “borrowing” from the past and doesn’t seem to move forward.
So with some research, observation and plenty of deep thinking, I’ve been able to get some answers. I must warn you that what you will read will make you love, appreciate and respect fashion a little more. Here are some reasons why fashion is so obsessed with old trends:
Reason #1: Fashion designers look to the past as source of inspiration.
How does a majority of the fashion styles come to life if not for the fashion designers? This was a big revelation to me. Fashion designers draw inspiration from various sources: life, nature or events. But if you want to create something new, you need to go back in time to see what others have done and find ways you can “borrow” or improve on their designs. Pretty smart, don’t you think?
Reason #2: Some old trends can easily fit the present times and still look good.
The beauty about fashion is that there are endless possibilities to how you can combine outfits together to give you a new look. Have you put on a denim jacket and love the look on you? No matter how old their origins, some of those pieces are timeless. They look so good that you feel that it’s part of present time.
I love mixing and matching various pieces and I have discovered several ways old pieces work. There’s this versatility behind each piece. They work for pretty much anyone and any era.
Reason #3: To show appreciation for the originality of the past.
What better way to show tribute to the time than by wearing the clothes that reflect that period?
The fashion trends of the past find their way to the future when people see themselves identify with the culture, attitude or class of the past. For example, wearing leather jackets to represent the cool but tough biker look or the black dress adorned with long white pearl beads to allude to the classiness of the 1960s. The old trends were like a voice to give expression to the attitude, culture and class we still feel today. Impressive, isn’t it?


What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with fashion being obsessed with old trends? Sound off in the comment section below.

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  1. I have never really thought about the reasons for this but this all makes sense now. I love that fashion comes in cycles, my parents always laugh that some of my clothes are things that they wore back in the 60s and its actually really funny to look at photos of them and see them wearing things quite similar! I like the idea of respecting original designs and bringing them back, some trends are so beautiful and deserve to be brought back!

  2. I think ANY trend can easily be fashionable in present time, depending on how the person expresses that trend. There is always something unique that can bring out a person’s style, be it something from the 50’s or some edgy trend that no one has ever seen before. It’s the beauty of fashion, you get to BE yourself! 🙂
    Xo https://mercyish.wordpress.com/

  3. Saw some really good retro fashion trends coming back with a modern twist and I’m loving it!
    That’s what fashion is all about for me, reinventing yourself and the trends.

    You look lovely by the way!

  4. These reasons are why I describe my style as vintage led street style! I love to take elements from the past and bring them into the current world, whether its a 50’s dress or a 70’s jumpsuit or a 90’s cami dress – its so easy to bring them into the now and make it a fashionable outfit.

    Love that black dress on you by the way, you look beautiful!

    Lottie xx

  5. I think fashion is cyclical, there can only be so many ways to invent the wheel. That said, I’m a vintage girl at heart.

  6. I think the awesome thing about fashion today, is it is so mix and match and you can create your own unique style and still be on trend. Yes I agree with all you said, especially statement one.

    I did/still do struggle with some aspects of fashion especially in the first decade of the millennium as alot of the patterns coming back in reminded me of my Mom and Grandma so I avoided them like the plaque and found it difficult to get my head around my daughter loving them. It was something alot of my age group, being a 60’s baby struggled with, from those I have talked too.

    Then style was very specific and each age group seemed to have it owns definite style.

    I think it has taken me time to realise that it is all a mix and create of the past. That said my style is boho/quirky and is a recreation of the past too

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  8. You observations are quite astute, I think! Fashions come and go. And fashion of old resurface in every other decade or so. That is what makes fashion so timeless! There’s no right and wrong in fashion in my opinion, it’s just a matter of the individual’s preference.

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  16. absolutely love this post!! I am obsessed with vintage trends! I’d love for you to check out my blog and lmk what you think!

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