How to Stop your Hair from Thinning Out



Has your hair lost volume? Is your hair thinning out? Thinning hair has been a great problem for women. As the hair thins down, your hair becomes brittle, it breaks and eventually falls out. There are a lot of factors that cause the hair to thin out. Stress, poor diet, harsh chemical hair products are among some of the main reasons and sometimes it can also be genetic.
Your hair can improve considerably if you change your hair care routine. Here are some hair care tips you may find useful:
1.    Save your hair from tension
Excessive tugging on your hair while brushing or tying your hair up in a tight ponytail or bun can cause a lot of tension to your hair. You also cause tension to your hair each time you use a comb and a hair dryer when trying to straighten your hair. This causes the hair follicles to get damaged.
Practise brushing your hair gently and try not to comb your hair as often. I know this may sound crazy but to retain some hair length, especially for the natural afro hair, you need to not comb as often.

Instead of making hairstyles that will require you to keep your hair tightly together, choose looser hairstyles. Instead of having to comb everyday, have your hair in a protective style so you don’t have to comb as much.
2.    Cut back on using heated styling tools to style your hair
Subjecting your hair to intense heat can weaken the hair and cause it to break easily. I stay away from heated styling tools completely. They are great for hair extensions but not for my hair. I air dry my hair 99% of the time. If at all you have to use them, make sure you apply a heat protectant to help conserve moisture in your hair.
3.    Condition you hair regularly
When your hair is dehydrated, the strands grow thinner. Conditioning will help restore moisture into your hair. The amino acids found in hair conditioners help to prevent your hair from further damage. Go for lightweight conditioners because ultra-softening conditioners tend to be heavy for the hair. Opt for conditioners that contain panthenol and glycerin as they help to moisturize and thicken the hair.
4.    Give your scalp a good massage
Massaging your scalp promotes blood circulation which stimulates hair growth. You can use natural oils like sesame oil to massage your scalp before shampooing. Another name for this exercise is “Pre-Poo”. Or each time you shampoo your hair, give your scalp a good massage before rinsing the shampoo out.
5.    Eat a healthy diet
The hair derives nutrients from the body. A deficiency in hair-friendly food can cause your hair to thin down. So eat foods rich in the B vitamins, folic acid and iron. Include leafy green vegetables, eggs, beans, carrots and nuts into your diet and your hair may start to thank you for it.
6.    Take time off to relax
Stress affects everything so I wasn’t surprise to learn it also affects our hair follicles, which make them stop producing. Taking time off to unwind is essential to our wellbeing.


Are you struggling with your hair thinning out?

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  1. I used to have such thick and glossy hair but I’ve recently had a baby and am suffering with post partum hair loss unfortunately. I’m giving it lots of TLC in the hope it grows back soon x

  2. My hair is really thick (too thick!) but just lately I have noticed a fair bit of hair loss. I’m wondering if it’s my poor diet I’ve had lately! Cutting back on using heat tools on my hair has helped and also a good head massage! This post is really helpful! Thanks for posting xx

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  4. You are so right about all of these, I started to lose hair after going through a trauma and used these very things to help it grow back. One thing I did to help was to get a really good Mason Pearson brush and the bristles really have helped my hair feel silly and strong. I also take biotin which is amazing! Xx

  5. Great tips. I’m pretty certain I notice more hair loss when I’m stressed, and definitely if I’ve been wearing my hair up. I’m totally not careful when brushing so will take that advice on board!

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  8. Not a problem I have thank goodness. I do take good care of my hair so that does help. I have alot of hair though it is fine, it is thick cos there is alot of it, if that makes sense. I use a good quality shampoo & conditioner, wash every other day unless we abroad, then it has to be everyday. It gets a weekly treatment and wrapped in a warm towel whilst I shower. I also have it trimmed every 4 weeks to keep it in good condition. Think a little bit of good genetics helps too as no one in my family of origin had thin hair

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