The Meaning of Christmas

You can feel the excitement in the air as Christmas draws nearer. Christmas trees are set up, your reindeer is likely out, everywhere is beautifully decorated with lights and there is a wreath on almost every door. There are excited shoppers buying gifts for their friends and family, and kids going off to see Santa.


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When you take a step back from the beauty and joy of Christmas, there’s a question that lingers, “What is it about Christmas that has such a great effect on so many people?” The Christmas season is a magical season, but hidden within the cheer of Christmas is an amazing and inspiring meaning:

  1. Christmas is a season of love

Although Valentine’s Day is associated with love, Christmas takes the meaning of love a little further. Christmas is a time when people show love to everyone around them, not only to their partners or spouses, but also to family, friends and neighbours.

The spirit of love is shown from the gifts they share. Those gifts are tokens of care, affection and oneness. Christmas is the time when you can reach out to others who are alone, sad or in need of some company. It is the time when people share the cheer of Christmas.

  1. Christmas is a season to take time off to reflect and plan for the New Year

In the midst of the cheer and excitement, exchange of gifts and delicious food, Christmas is a time when we reflect on our lives. It’s a time to reflect and meditate on the essence of life. Life is all about sharing, helping one another, and making people smile. It’s about giving meaning to those who feel that there’s nothing left in life for them.

Christmas is also a time to reflect on what true happiness is all about. Happiness is not hidden in material things but it’s hidden in the heart that shares and gives happiness.

All this will helps plan for the New Year so that we can make a good start of the year with renewed enthusiasm, confidence and meaning. This is the time to set out your new year’s resolution (if you are into resolutions) and set up an action plan to make sure the new year is a success.

  1. Christmas is about appreciating the special gift of Christ

Christ is the reason for the season, and we should not forget that. Through Jesus Christ we were given salvation and a renewed hope.

Sometimes we are weighed down by problems, temptations, and challenges. There are times when we feel alone and lost. But once there is life, there is hope.

  1. Christmas is about enjoying family time

The beauty of Christmas is the fact that you get to enjoy the season with your loved ones. Those precious moments with your family seated around the table enjoying a yummy Christmas meal, with Christmas carols playing in the background, and opening presents under the Christmas tree. I think is one of the best times ever.

I will be taking a break starting today to enjoy the season. I am off on holiday {whoop whoop} and I am really looking forward to it. I will be sharing shots on Instagram and Twitter, so keep up with me on those platforms. And I shall return with a new post in the next few days.

Have a very merry Christmas xo


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  1. Beautiful article Stella. I am so glad you bought Jesus into the article too. I am a practising Christian so I really loved this. In this secular world we live more and more in, whatever you do or don’t believe it is great when people remember Jesus who is behind how Christmas has become over centuries.

    Most of know that Christmas has developed with many different traditions taken or borrowed from other forms of worship. However the name Christ-ian summaries what Christmas was always once about and still is for millions in The West as well as Eastern countries.

    Happy Christmas Stella to you and yours

  2. Wow I love this Christmas message. The tips are wonderful and reminds me what the season is all about. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your holiday and have lots of fun. Have a beautiful Christmas.

  3. Reblogged this on Sara Consigli's Blogs and commented:
    I agree with FashionandStylePolice’s article, because in a previous blog I wrote, Christmas is not all presents and presents. Christmas is about spending quality time with your family during the holiday season. But we seem to forget what it is mostly about, Christ as she said. It is about the birth of our savior. So I agree with her blog, and thought it was nicely written.

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