Don’t Go Broke for Christmas

It is now 9 days to Christmas and everyone is going MAD! The shops are filled up with shoppers that won’t stop shopping. Deliveries are coming on very late and the whole world has gone crazy getting ready for the big day. I am trying not to join in with the craziness of it all. I am done with my Christmas shopping and wrapping. Just waiting on a few deliveries to come in and wrap some last minute gifts, and that is it really.

I am trying to enjoy the countdown to Christmas and not get carried away with the madness. Which brings me to this post. Many of us get carried away with the Christmas cheer and spend a lot more than we planned to, just because Christmas. It is all well and good if you can afford to buy the presents you buy. Christmas is a season of giving and receiving, so good thoughtful gifts are expected. But that doesn’t mean you should rob Peter to pay Paul. Let me explain…


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Many of us spend way more than we can afford. We get carried away with the amazing gift ideas around and go way over our planned budget. Then January comes, and we start to panic with the empty bank accounts, maxed credit cards and bills to pay. Does this scenario sound familiar? Here are ways you could ensure you don’t go broke for Christmas.


Start buying Christmas Gifts Early

I started buying Christmas gifts in October and that is late. I usually start earlier than that so I have an upper hand. My aim is to target sales and shop around calmly without the Christmas rush. That way I can spread the cost of the Christmas gifts and shop in peace.


Have a Budget

This should go without saying but many of us still walk around shopping without a budget. Having a Christmas shopping budget for every person on your list ensures you don’t get carried away with the amazing options out there. And trust me, there are.


Buy for those that Matter

I don’t shop for everyone I know and I don’t expect Christmas gifts from everyone either. I only buy gifts for close family members and teachers. If I don’t see you on Christmas Day, there is a high chance I won’t be buying you a Christmas present except we are tight. I don’t think it makes financial sense buying Christmas gifts for every member of my family.


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Buy Only What you Can Afford

Many of us result to using credit cards and store cards to shop for Christmas gifts. That was normal for me some years ago but not anymore. I have seen the light and it makes zero sense to buy what you cannot afford. If you must use store cards and credit cards, make sure it is interest-free, and you make repayments before the interest-free period ends.


Focus on the Reason for the Season

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so I like to focus on the reason for the season, with my family and take it all in. As we count down to Christmas, we spend our spare time relaxing with Christmas programmes, singing along to Christmas carols, reading Christmas books and just enjoying the season. My kids are quite contented with staring at the Christmas lights all day if I let them.


These are the ways I make sure I don’t go broke for Christmas. Do you do any of these things? Please share your Christmas shopping experience in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Please share this post if you enjoyed reading it. Have a lovely weekend.


How to Rock the Sparkle Trend this Holiday Season

Sparkles! Yes, the Christmas season is a sparkly season and the sparkles are all out! But this season, the Christmas decorations are not the only things sparkling. From hats to jewellery and makeup to shoes, there is a bit of glitter everywhere. And that is what the sparkle trend is all about.

Is it something about the Christmas vibe that’s inspiring all the shimmer? Maybe. But whatever is the source of the inspiration, Christmas is the time to get the sparkle right?


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I have observed a lot of shimmery blunders and creative glittery ideas in the fashion scene so I thought it would be great to do a bit of damage control and let you all in on the best ways to rock the sparkles.


Ease up on the glittery makeup

This may sound a bit counterintuitive since this article is focusing on rocking the sparkle trend, but if you want the glitter to resonate the spirit of the festive season, then too much glitter is not the way.

Glittery eyeshadow, especially in the classic colours of silver and gold, work amazing. This is true only if you restrict the sparkles to your eyelids alone. What some people do is to abuse the glitter and add a lot of shimmer on their cheekbones or apply a lot of glittery lipstick. That makes your face full of glitter and you miss the whole aim of keeping up with the sparkle trend.

The rule of thumb here is to flatter a specific part of your face or keep it moderate on all sides. Aim to strike a balance. You don’t need to put on too much glitter to be fabulous.


Get your hair involved in the sparkles

I love this idea and I think it’s something worth a try this Christmas. It’s the glittery ponytail. What’s wonderful about this new fashion trend is that it’s really easy to recreate and it’s just right for the festive season.

So far, the best way to sport the glittery ponytail is to have the tip of your ponytail covered in styling gel mixed with glitter. Next hold it together with hairspray to let it all set in. The end result is amazing.

If you’re a little adventurous this Christmas, I recommend you give it a try.


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Avoid sparkle overload in your outfits

You know that shimmery dress that you admire but makes you wonder if it will be a good idea to buy it or not? Buying a glittery dress is a tough decision to make. Although it looks great, the amount of glitter can be overwhelming.

The key is to creatively balance out the glitter and the best way to do this is to use non-glittery accessories. For example, you can easily tone down a glittery gold dress with black heels, clutch purse and a long dark coloured necklace. You can even take it further with a dark jacket.

If you’re wearing something that has no glitter and you want to add a little shine to it, then make your sparkly accessories your best friends. Shiny accessories help direct people’s attention to where the sparkle is. It’s that effective!


How do you plan to rock the sparkle trend this holiday season?


The Meaning of Christmas

You can feel the excitement in the air as Christmas draws nearer. Christmas trees are set up, your reindeer is likely out, everywhere is beautifully decorated with lights and there is a wreath on almost every door. There are excited shoppers buying gifts for their friends and family, and kids going off to see Santa.


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When you take a step back from the beauty and joy of Christmas, there’s a question that lingers, “What is it about Christmas that has such a great effect on so many people?” The Christmas season is a magical season, but hidden within the cheer of Christmas is an amazing and inspiring meaning:

  1. Christmas is a season of love

Although Valentine’s Day is associated with love, Christmas takes the meaning of love a little further. Christmas is a time when people show love to everyone around them, not only to their partners or spouses, but also to family, friends and neighbours.

The spirit of love is shown from the gifts they share. Those gifts are tokens of care, affection and oneness. Christmas is the time when you can reach out to others who are alone, sad or in need of some company. It is the time when people share the cheer of Christmas.

  1. Christmas is a season to take time off to reflect and plan for the New Year

In the midst of the cheer and excitement, exchange of gifts and delicious food, Christmas is a time when we reflect on our lives. It’s a time to reflect and meditate on the essence of life. Life is all about sharing, helping one another, and making people smile. It’s about giving meaning to those who feel that there’s nothing left in life for them.

Christmas is also a time to reflect on what true happiness is all about. Happiness is not hidden in material things but it’s hidden in the heart that shares and gives happiness.

All this will helps plan for the New Year so that we can make a good start of the year with renewed enthusiasm, confidence and meaning. This is the time to set out your new year’s resolution (if you are into resolutions) and set up an action plan to make sure the new year is a success.

  1. Christmas is about appreciating the special gift of Christ

Christ is the reason for the season, and we should not forget that. Through Jesus Christ we were given salvation and a renewed hope.

Sometimes we are weighed down by problems, temptations, and challenges. There are times when we feel alone and lost. But once there is life, there is hope.

  1. Christmas is about enjoying family time

The beauty of Christmas is the fact that you get to enjoy the season with your loved ones. Those precious moments with your family seated around the table enjoying a yummy Christmas meal, with Christmas carols playing in the background, and opening presents under the Christmas tree. I think is one of the best times ever.

I will be taking a break starting today to enjoy the season. I am off on holiday {whoop whoop} and I am really looking forward to it. I will be sharing shots on Instagram and Twitter, so keep up with me on those platforms. And I shall return with a new post in the next few days.

Have a very merry Christmas xo


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