Don’t Go Broke for Christmas

It is now 9 days to Christmas and everyone is going MAD! The shops are filled up with shoppers that won’t stop shopping. Deliveries are coming on very late and the whole world has gone crazy getting ready for the big day. I am trying not to join in with the craziness of it all. I am done with my Christmas shopping and wrapping. Just waiting on a few deliveries to come in and wrap some last minute gifts, and that is it really.

I am trying to enjoy the countdown to Christmas and not get carried away with the madness. Which brings me to this post. Many of us get carried away with the Christmas cheer and spend a lot more than we planned to, just because Christmas. It is all well and good if you can afford to buy the presents you buy. Christmas is a season of giving and receiving, so good thoughtful gifts are expected. But that doesn’t mean you should rob Peter to pay Paul. Let me explain…


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Many of us spend way more than we can afford. We get carried away with the amazing gift ideas around and go way over our planned budget. Then January comes, and we start to panic with the empty bank accounts, maxed credit cards and bills to pay. Does this scenario sound familiar? Here are ways you could ensure you don’t go broke for Christmas.


Start buying Christmas Gifts Early

I started buying Christmas gifts in October and that is late. I usually start earlier than that so I have an upper hand. My aim is to target sales and shop around calmly without the Christmas rush. That way I can spread the cost of the Christmas gifts and shop in peace.


Have a Budget

This should go without saying but many of us still walk around shopping without a budget. Having a Christmas shopping budget for every person on your list ensures you don’t get carried away with the amazing options out there. And trust me, there are.


Buy for those that Matter

I don’t shop for everyone I know and I don’t expect Christmas gifts from everyone either. I only buy gifts for close family members and teachers. If I don’t see you on Christmas Day, there is a high chance I won’t be buying you a Christmas present except we are tight. I don’t think it makes financial sense buying Christmas gifts for every member of my family.


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Buy Only What you Can Afford

Many of us result to using credit cards and store cards to shop for Christmas gifts. That was normal for me some years ago but not anymore. I have seen the light and it makes zero sense to buy what you cannot afford. If you must use store cards and credit cards, make sure it is interest-free, and you make repayments before the interest-free period ends.


Focus on the Reason for the Season

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so I like to focus on the reason for the season, with my family and take it all in. As we count down to Christmas, we spend our spare time relaxing with Christmas programmes, singing along to Christmas carols, reading Christmas books and just enjoying the season. My kids are quite contented with staring at the Christmas lights all day if I let them.


These are the ways I make sure I don’t go broke for Christmas. Do you do any of these things? Please share your Christmas shopping experience in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Please share this post if you enjoyed reading it. Have a lovely weekend.


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  1. Great message. I’ve definitely stopped overspending at Christmas. I also like to shop quite early, and I only really stick to close family gifts. x

  2. Love this. Totally makes sense. I too used to go a bit “mad” at Christmas but since having my kiddies , I don’t because I can’t. We’d all love to buy them everything their little hearts desire but that’s not reality. I start in August and finish in November with budgets too as it’s so so easy to get carried away ! Like you , I buy for those that matter to me , I don’t expect a gift back – but I normally picked everything apart from food up before December begins. I love walking through the town at Christmas and to window shop !

  3. I shop from January-October for Christmas, in the sales and when things are cheaper, and has you said when everything is quieter. I have Nov-Dec off. My food shopping is done online and is ordered as soon as the pre Christmas ordering becomes available. Only way I can do it and afford. I can’t ado with the Christmas crowds either

  4. I agree woth you so much , at this time of the year it is so easy to overspend what we do not have – amd christmas should be about spending time with people you love and not showering them with mountain of gifts x

  5. It is very easy to overspend on Christmas. The deals look tempting and we end up buying things that are not needed. This is a great guide for staying on budget!

  6. I’m done too, apart from picking up a hamster last minute but at least it’s organised! I can’t stand packed shops (can’t stand shopping at all so early, slow and steady is me!)

  7. I grew up as a vicar’s daughter, so have always had a slightly different approach to Christmas from many of my peers. Obviously we had presents too, but my parents never went overboard or spent more than they could afford. The focus for us was always on family, reflection, love – and the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place. I wouldn’t call myself a religious person, but I’m hoping to carry some of that over to my own kids.

  8. Some great points made here. It can be so easy for us all to get sucked into the madness of it all and forget what the day is actually about. We have cut way back this year and are feeling much more calm about the whole thing. Have a great festive period Cx

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