The Chill is in the Air

The chill is in the air. It has been extremely cold in Cheshire this week. We were in Milan over the weekend, and it did not feel half as cold as it does here. It was chilly enough to pop a jacket and maybe a scarf on but it was just moderate chill, nothing like what we have here at all. I even had some sunshine on my birthday. But I have to forget about Milan, and accept the fact that over here in Cheshire, it is freezing!




Whenever I am out, I am always eager to get home to a warm house. I love the fact that our heating system can be set to go on and off at various times. It definitely makes my life a lot easier; I don’t need to run and down the stairs to pop the heating on, and it keeps the house nice and warm for longer because it comes up at times when the warmth is needed.

We have never had a boiler breakdown (touch wood) and I am super grateful for that. It could be because we have our boiler serviced by good heating engineers every year, as recommended. I did skip a year one time though but it was not intentional. Running after 2 toddlers all day can be extremely exhausting, I tend to forget most of the things that need to be done, and that year I forgot to have the boiler serviced. I remember the following year, which was last year, and got it done immediately by a professional heating engineer. So do check to see when next your boiler is due for a service to avoid an annoying boiler breakdown.




Have you had a boiler breakdown before? How did you cope?

Sound off in the comments section below, let’s chat.



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  1. I too, always make sure to have a professional service my heating system every year. It is just too cold to risk having a breakdown and I don’t know how I would cope if I did have one.

  2. In my last rented house our boiler broke when it snowed very heavily one new year. All we had for heating was the gas fire in the living room and we had to go to the gym to shower. I’d never been to the gym so much in my life!! We’re in a new house now and the boiler is much more reliable!

  3. I had no heating at the start of last semester and although it wasn’t quite as cold as it is now, it was nice! Fortunately I had an electric heater handy!

  4. I love your outfit! I’ve never had the boiler broken but I’ll touch wood because it doesn’t look like a good time for that to happen lol x

  5. The last time we had a boiler breakdown it was May. You wouldn’t think it would be so bad but it was a really cold bank holiday weekend. I wouldn’t want that to happen again!

  6. It has definitely been really cold where we are living. We will not had any snow that we have had to use the heating everyday.

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