The Grass is not Always Greener

I came across the current news all over the internet, about a certain popular American Fashion Blogger – Shaniqua Jordan, being arrested and charged with credit card fraud! She was allegedly shopping with her customers credit cards (she has an online jewellery store); buying luxury fashion items of about $37,000, and showing them off on Instagram. Shaniqua Jordan is known for her love for high-end designer items and these items usually keep her fans increasing and followers talking.

I can see how Shaniqua Jordan would have been tempted to do what she has been accused of doing. As an insider, I see it everyday on social media and it is quite sad to see the amount of pressure many fashion bloggers put on themselves to look the part and it is really not worth the stress! Fashion Blogging isn’t all about styling expensive pieces. There is a lot more to it. I see many people walking around in expensive outfits that look horrid, so it’s not just about the price tag of what you wear.



Now don’t get me wrong, I love luxury items a lot. I like how real leather feels and smells. I love shopping in the high-end stores, and I love the quality high street stores as well. Give me Gucci, Givenchy, and all them big luxury brands any day, I would have them all if I could.

If I could afford a Birkin, I would have it. If I could afford a Rolex watch, I would go for it. But my reality today is that I can’t, and I am comfortable with what I can afford. I am happy to blog about what I can afford, and that is the key.

Many bloggers are not happy to show off what they can afford, and that is the main problem. They want to be like the “mega big bloggers” they follow online. So they end up having a massive debt in the name of fashion blogging, or steal to keep up with the fake online image. And this issue is not only in the blogging industry, it is a general problem. Too many people want all the flashy things but without the work.



I can imagine how anyone could be pressured to live a lie thanks to the power of social media, with the amazing shots, perfect spouses, well behaved children, beautiful house, many holidays and perfect outfits. It is easy to want these same things and there is no harm in wanting them as far as you are ready to earn them honestly. So if you want to go on more holidays or buy nicer things, start saving, if you want your house to look pretty, clean it more often, if you want to be able to afford luxury items, get a better paying job or increase your income streams. Be prepared to do what you can to elevate your lifestyle in an honest way.

Another point I would love to make is, when it comes to social media, especially Instagram (which seems to be notorious for showing off picture perfect lives), take all you see with a pinch of salt. Most of the time, it is not what or how it seems, so don’t be deceived. Instead, admire what you like, but always focus on your reality and own it! Believe me, life is too short to do anything else.

What do you think?



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  1. Great post! I totally agree with you! Luxury items are amazing if you can afford them. You can always dress with cheaper clothes and make them look luxury! It’s all about style!



  2. Oh, goodness, yes. I can really see how people fall into this trap on social media. I feel the pressure enough myself and I am only a food blogger, so my outgoings are nowhere near the costs of buying designer clothes. Being a part of the social media frenzy is never ending, and it is almost like a high. When you hit it, you want it all the more, so I can certainly see how people would do anything to keep up there 🙁

  3. This is so on point and exactly what I’ve been thinking about recently – Steph at also wrote recently about aspirational fashion bloggers and the designer goods dilemma and it’s been on my mind a lot. I get the pressure that she must have felt but there really is absolutely no excuse for it – especially with all the designer rental sites now (bag borrow or steal, rent the runway etc.) even second hand purchases. I recently bought a Mulberry bag that I have lusted after for 4 years. Do I care that it’s the a/w 2013 collection? Not one bit! I care that it was $2,000 cheaper than it was originally despite never having been used (!) and that it’s freaking beautiful! (The Mulberry Willow in Emerald Green – in case anyone’s wondering 🙂 Thanks Tradesy!) It’s tough but there are so many ways around it – now, more than ever, we can occasionally afford that little bit of luxury. Plus, as everyone is pointing out, it should be more about style than the latest ‘it’ bag!

  4. Stella, in my humble opinion, I believe when you know who you are in life, you wouldn’t have the problem of living to please people. It has a lot to do with knowing your self worth.
    I was working with an “Authenticity except” recently and one of the things I learnt is when there are underlying factors in your life, shopping is usually a way to cover up. While some use alcohol or drugs, a lot of women/men/people result to eating or shopping 🙂
    I feel sorry for her and I hope she learns from this. I hope others learn too.
    The competition is real online but it is just online. What about real life? Many in credit card debt, they are suffering and smiling but hey, life goes on.
    Thanks for sharing. Really great post.

  5. I agree! social media is not always as it seems. Also I love the 2 outfits on this post. That sweater is gorgeous.

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  7. Life totally is too short. It makes me sad the lengths some people will go to just to fit in or be the best. Such a shame. Be who you are not what you think you should be. Great post. Very thought provoking

  8. I can see why some bloggers may feel the pressure. For me its all about what u can afford i don’t have any luxury items as i can’t afford them. Of course it would be nice to have them it just also depends on your priorities.

  9. I had no idea of the pressure on fashion bloggers! I’m a parent blogger & the trend seems to be more comparing what you don’t have and how difficult it is, so the pressure is off! Very interesting read…

  10. Ah Stella. I love the way you have wrote this blog and not judged her. You don’t have to condone what someone does, to not judge. There for the Grace of God (You/I understand) go I.

    In every walk of life we are under pressure today, from blogging, to work life, shopping, where you go on holiday to hobbies. Damn hard and I understand why she was tempted.

    I find blogs like yours far more real. I don’t find blogs with high end designer clothing etc real. I can’t afford to pay that sort of high end money out. I don’t know that I would even if I could.

    The average person likes to read about life and real things we can afford.

  11. As some who was once in debt (due to university tuition fees) after I started my graduate job and paid off my debt I embraced the ‘only buy what you can afford and never live above your means’. I too see some bloggers online who say they dont work aside from the blog but spend like the earn a 100k a year but then again you never know. Shame about that blogger though, big shame

  12. Yeah, it is quite sad to see how strong the social media pressures are on all of us. I think we have to find a way to find balance it all and realize that not every thing that glitters is always gold. Great post and thank you for your transparency 🙂

  13. I think it’s desperately sad to think an adult would feel they have to defraud and get into debt,all to have certain items and to present an image – that is more of their aspiration than a reality.

    We’ve all heard ‘fake it until you make it’. I agree to a certain extent – I ‘faked’ confidence in public speaking to feel able to do my job. By that I mean, I told/tell myself I am confident, even when I’m terrified! And now I actually feel more confident.

    But, I think this case shows a real lack of self esteem and self worth and she would be far richer if she invested in that.

    Kat x

  14. I have not seen this story but it is very sad that she put herself under so much pressure. Sometimes I am envious of other opportunities that others get but I am very lucky with what I have and appreciate it greatly

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